Germany: CBD company receives funding from the Ministry of Economic Affairs

The Berlin-based CBD manufacturer Becanex receives government research funding for the development of new food additives.

The CBD company received funding of 227,000 euros from the Central Innovation Program for SMEs (ZIM) for research and product development. Becanex specializes in the extraction of cannabidiol and other ingredients from industrial hemp. With the help of the funding, the start-up wants to develop a cannabinoid-containing emulsion that can be processed stably in industrial food production.

There is great demand for CBD wellness products. The biggest challenge so far has been that CBD and other cannabinoids are unstable and insoluble in water, which makes product development much more difficult.

45% of the project is funded by the ZIM

Da company plans to complete the development of the new process by the end of 2022. The total project volume amounts to 505,000 euros. 45% of these are funded by the ZIM. The Central Innovation Program for SMEs is a nationwide funding program of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWI) that supports the development of technical innovations in companies.

We are grateful for the ZIM funding. It shows that there is great interest on the part of the federal government in establishing local research on cannabinoids and their application. By using our patented one-step extraction technology , we can now transfer our technological lead in extraction to product development. Our goal is to produce an emulsion that is THC-free, but otherwise contains all cannabinoids and terpenes that can be found in the hemp plant, ”explains Sebastian Kamphorst, CEO and founder of Becanex, in a press release.

The application was submitted within the framework of the German-Canadian network Cannabis-Net, which is also funded by the BMWI. The network management supports the companies with the application. At the same time, there is close networking with other medium-sized companies in the cannabis sector in order to promote the exchange of knowledge.


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