• DEMECAN’s first cannabis shipment to the BfArM is ready for collection and includes more than 100 kg of cannabis flowers
  • High-quality cannabis flowers from DEMECAN’s German high-end facility are now available to patients

Berlin/Dresden, April 20, 2022 – DEMECAN, the only independent German producer of medical cannabis, has made the first cannabis flowers available for collection by the German Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM). With this, DEMECAN ensures a constant supply of high-quality medical cannabis from German cultivation and increases the independence from imports in the supply of medicinal products.

DEMECAN is the only independent German cannabis producer supplying patients in Germany with cannabis flowers from its own EU-DEMECAN has established itself as the only independent producer of medical cannabis and leading wholesaler in Germany. 2500 cannabis plants are now growing in its own flower rooms in Saxony. In 2022, over 300 kg of high-quality cannabis flowers have already been harvested, dried and packaged to date. Over 100 kg of these will be made available for collection on April 20 by the federal cannabis agency and for distribution to pharmacies.

DEMECAN’s first harvest for pharmacies in Germany.

DEMECAN was the only independent German company to be awarded a contract by the BfArM to produce cannabis flowers in Germany. In an elaborate selection process, DEMECAN chose an indica-dominant strain based on the cultivar OG Kush with a high THC content. The phenotype chosen for production was carefully selected by DEMECAN from over 250 plants.

DEMECAN has already been able to produce about half of the quantity ordered annually by the BfArM. Up to 660 kg of this variety are delivered from Saxony per year. In the future, DEMECAN could even produce much larger quantities of high quality cannabis than previously allocated by the BfArM. Since March, another variety (Typ 2 DEMECAN) is also in cultivation. DEMECAN will announce more details about this variety at the upcoming delivery.

Knowing that their own cannabis flowers are available in pharmacies is a special milestone for physician and co-founder Dr. Adrian Fischer, who is the managing director responsible for cultivation and quality control: “Finally, you can get cannabis from Germany in pharmacies. I am particularly pleased that many patients can be helped with this fine product and that we can improve the supply situation through cultivation in this country. Of course, it would be desirable if we were allowed to produce considerably more. DEMECAN is be able to do that.”

From a Berlin startup to Germany’s largest cannabis producer.

Since 2017, cannabis has been legally approved as medicine in Germany. In 2019, DEMECAN was the only independent German company to be awarded a contract by the German government for the production of cannabis flowers for medical use. The associated supply contract is valid for the period of four years. Production will take place at the EU-GMP certified production facility near Dresden and in accordance with the high quality standards of pharmaceutical manufacturing.

DEMECAN acquired the 100,000 sqm production site in the summer of 2020. In under 15 months of construction, the building – a former slaughterhouse – was converted and is now the largest indoor cannabis production facility in Europe. 24 cm of reinforced concrete in all walls, steel doors, 150 cameras and a high-tech computer system to control and optimize plant growth, ensure the perfect cultivation of the plants. Thanks to the modular expandable production capacities, DEMECAN can also massively increase the production capacity at short notice to meet the growing demand in Germany.


DEMECAN is the only independent German company that covers the entire value chain for medical cannabis – from cultivation to processing and storage to distribution to pharmacies. The company was founded in 2017 by Dr. Adrian Fischer, Dr. Cornelius Maurer and Dr. Constantin von der Groeben with the aim of guaranteeing patients access to medical cannabis in “Made in Germany” quality. In May 2019, DEMECAN was awarded a state contract by the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM) as the only independent German company to cultivate and distribute medical cannabis in Germany. Cultivation and further processing are carried out according to the highest pharmaceutical standards (EU-GMP) at the company’s facility near Dresden. As a pharmaceutical wholesaler, DEMECAN works with cannabis producers worldwide and imports medical cannabis that meets its own high quality standards. The DEMECAN Group is a member of the Federal Association of Pharmaceutical Cannabinoid Companies (BPC) and a supporting member of the Association of Pharmacies Supplying Cannabis (VCA e.V.).

Further Information: www.demecan.de
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