Germany: Düsseldorf reverses ban on CBD after court backs Hempro International

Hemp Today reports..

A Düsseldorf court has ruled in favor of German hemp company Hempro International GmbH (Hempro Int.), striking down a citywide ban on the marketing and sales of products containing CBD in natural extract form.

Hempro Int. went to Düsseldorf Administrative Court last autumn to contest a July 11, 2020 ruling by the city that led to the ban, saying it resulted from a misinterpretation of guidance from the State Agency for Nature, Environment and Consumer Protection (LANUV) in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. The ban, in the city where Hempro is headquartered, threatened jobs and created insecurity among consumers, the company said when it filed the case.

LANUV, in a legal assessment in April 2020, said only the sale of products containing cannabidiol as “CBD isolates” or “CBD-enriched hemp extracts” from hemp should be prohibited, but not traditionally produced natural extracts. CBD products that exclusively reflect the natural spectrum of the plant’s components do not contain such isolates or CBD-enriched extracts.

The cannabinoid CBD contained in the natural spectrum is naturally present in industrial hemp in the highest proportion of all cannabinoids.

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