Global Hemp Association: Terraforming Green Economy Transformations

Join Mandi Kerr & Tracy Saville, CEO & Founder at Impact100x on this morning’s episode of Moving HEMP Forward. Tracy is a 30-year veteran leader of commercializing emerging technologies and supply chain infrastructure innovations; a value builder in emerging agricultural, clean, and space technology sectors with a critical chain and conscious leadership system approach to building, growing, and managing companies and human teams.


She is a senior advisor to founders and investors in space, energy, hemp, Big Ag, biofuel, internet and software (ML, DL, and Quantum included), and in new material science development, the use of natural resources, and scaling people and planet-saving enterprises.


Tracy is an immediate past Co-founder/founding CEO (and shareholder) in Silver Lion Farms, among the largest vertically integrated hemp production supply chain in North America (helped take this company from founding to $405m pre-revenue).


She had led the design and build of the largest operating organic industrial hemp infrastructure in the U.S, from concept to build-out, from idea to $82m in deplored infrastructure capital with a $150m revenue capacity and a valuation exceeding $400m.


For this morning we’ll talk about the 1. Hemp and Food, fuel, energy, medicine and siace sectors. 2. Terraforming green economy transformations. 3. The future of cannabis as a global agri-product.


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