Global Hemp Group Welcomes Roger Johnson, President of Western Sierra Resource Corp. to the Board of Directors

Vancouver, BC – TheNewswire – May 26, 2021 — GLOBAL HEMP GROUP INC. (“GHG” or the “Company”) (CSE:GHG) / (OTC:GBHPF) / (FRANKFURT:GHG) / (CNSX:GHG.CN) is pleased to announce that the Company has appointed Roger A. Johnson II, President & CEO of Western Sierra Resources Corp. (WSRC) (OTC: WSRC) to Company’s Board of Directors.

Mr. Johnson has served as a Director and Senior Officer of WSRC since 2018. From 2014 to 2018 he worked with WSRC management to transition the corporate focus from mining to the development of natural, renewable resources, “green” building products, conservation technologies, and related production of agricultural commodities utilizing the Company’s water assets.

Mr. Johnson has over 40 years of entrepreneurial experience in sales and marketing, start-up businesses, real property investment portfolio creation, and real estate, minerals, and water resource development. Some of Mr. Johnson’s experience and accomplishments include:

  • – Development of +$40 million of water assets that were ultimately acquired by WSRC in 2014.
  • – Acquiring and co-developing real estate projects in the Vail Valley, Colorado market where he personally and consistently produced $20,000,000 in annual real estate sales volume where the average transaction value was $300,000.
  • – Successfully raising tens of millions in capital for start-up businesses, REITS, real estate development projects, and joint ventures.
  • – Personally acquiring, renovating, and managing over 200 residential and commercial rental units.
  • – Personally acquiring, planning, and developing over 15,000 acres of mountain property and dramatically increasing values (over 1000%) through subdivision, strategic infrastructure improvements, niche marketing, and pre-sales.
  • – Co-founding a national mortgage company and managing a team of 17 mortgage originators and processors that processed an average of $420,000,000 in mortgage applications per year where the average transaction value was less than $200,000.

Prior to becoming President of WSRC, Mr. Johnson founded and was President of Mount Harris Development, Inc. and Prescient Strategies Group, LLC. From 2001 he personally acquired or partnered on approx. 7,500 acres of residential, commercial, and industrial development land, managed planning and land use design for annexation approvals, zoning, and entitlements; constructed gravel and paved access roads and water crossings, completed dozens of miles of associated underground utility infrastructure; designed, built and sold production homes; co-developed 4,800 acre-feet of water assets including deep wells, storage and delivery systems, as well as owning and managing oil, natural gas, and coal assets.

Hemp-Based “Sustainable City” and The Colorado Hemp Agro-Industrial Zone

Global Hemp Group Inc. is preparing to build a hemp-based “Sustainable City” from the ground up, strategically located in a beautiful part of northwestern Colorado, a location in great need of affordable workforce housing.

The project will utilize hemp from its eco-friendly farm processed into carbon neutral/negative building materials at its nearby industrial campus. The hemp-tech “campus” known as the Hemp Agro-Industrial Zone (HAIZ) will serve as incubator for the development and production of new hemp-tech intellectual property and will also serve to showcase best-in-class carbon reducing building technologies. This unique initiative will be an open invitation to collaborate with leading hemp-tech R&D scientists, academic partners, community stakeholders, and hemp-tech start-up entrepreneurs from around the world. Our ultimate Corporate Vision is contributing towards the development of a zero-carbon footprint living environment supportive of a healthy community model for the future. In order to achieve this vision, the Company will become a leader in the establishment of a “Gold Standard” in hemp-tech building sciences.

The Company intends to prove this model out and then help others world-wide do the same, by securing strategic vertical integration from growing hemp and processing it into various industrial, value-added marketable products for the massive untapped North American hemp building market and beyond. Management believes in, is excited about, and is championing hemp as a key to the carbon reducing building sciences revolution beginning to unfold, and to proudly offer products the planet desperately requires to win the war on global warming.

Join us on Clubhouse for a weekly discussion on Hemp Building and Construction

This is a weekly group to connect to for discussion on using industrial hemp in building and construction. All aspects of the industry are discussed; type of products\methods, design, architecture, engineering, supply, trades, development, permitting and more. We invite you to join Global Hemp Group and other knowledgeable people directly involved in the industry, every Thursday at 4:00pm PDT/7:00pm EDT.

Global Hemp Group has recently changed its phone number.

To contact Investor Relations, please call 778-726-2900.

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