15 November 2016

The Globe & Mail write

“Canada’s position [is] to be to marijuana what Belgium is to diamonds,” said Chuck Rifici, a director of licensed grower Aurora Cannabis’s board and co-founder of Canada’s largest medical cannabis producer, Canopy Growth Corp. “Our federally regulated model allows scale that you can’t see south of the border.”

Fewer than 100,000 patients get prescriptions through the two-year-old federal mail-order system for medical marijuana, which has faced intense competition from the illegal storefront-dispensary sector. But John Fowler, president of Ontario-based Supreme Pharmaceuticals, said Canadian companies have a market capitalization of more than $200-million and are poised to be buyers of American cannabis firms once the drug is legalized stateside in five to 10 years.

“I’ve always maintained that the longer cannabis remains illegal in the United States, the bigger a head start Canadian companies have,” Mr. Fowler said. “These are real organizations being built with real capital, hard assets, real infrastructure, and that’s a whole world different from the types of businesses that are popping up from state to state.”

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