Larry writes….

Recently I was in a dispensary and witnessed 30 people sitting in a lobby staring at the door into the sales area where the Budtenders work. As I sat there It began to become apparent to me that many of these people were company representatives with invoices.

As I began to listen intently I learned that these men mostly and a few ladies go from business to business with invoices and collect hundreds and in 2 cases thousands of dollars. 3 were from out of state. The out of state folks come every month. One admitted he drives $250,000 back to another state (he wouldn’t say which  but he’s a Bears fan) and one had $100,000 in twenties and the day was young.

Over the course of 45 minutes people walked out with envelopes, suitcase and a wad in one of the person’s pocket of what I believe was a lot of money.


Here’s his solution

With eXPO one merely pushes a button, enters an amount and wala no risk, electronic cash. 

When you have suppliers to pay, eXPO the funds and save a life. 

There are a few options when it comes to banking. As we build out our networks of suppliers, dispensaries, cultivators and others, choose eXPO for at least one of those options. Call today for options.

Regularly I’m asked by prospective investors, regulators, legislators, government executives, prospective client members, CPAs and attorneys as well as representatives how “we work around the banking rules to work with unbanked companies and ‘high risk’ businesses.”

As I consistently say, we don’t ‘work around’

We work within rules that only few of us know.  

This is a quick read. It requires a written policy and procedures manual, strict compliance review and a unique software to allow for funds transfer so we are not an MSB 

In the coming days we will be promoting our one step cannabis 2.0 business operating system as we continue to add more businesses to eXPO. 

Sign up your vendors and save them aggravation. 

Thank you,

Larry Lipman


Alliance Financial Network, Inc