Cannabis retail giant Green Growth Brands, which abruptly laid off 870 workers last week and told them that plans to sell part of the business could be delayed “until the world begins to resume normalcy,” is trying to reassure investors and former employees that its transition plans are intact.

Let’s hope that all this is all true

Retail employees told Hemp Industry Daily that they were abruptly terminated last week and told they wouldn’t be paid for their final days. The company cited market disruption caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

“This put incredible stress on our business. … Unfortunately, we’re not in a position to fund payroll,” company executives told employees March 19 in a message shared with Hemp Industry Daily.

The laid-off employees weren’t quiet about being let go without pay during a national health crisis.

“Hundreds of people are now scrambling trying to figure out what they’re going to do,” former kiosk worker Rebecca Hottinger wrote in an email to Hemp Industry Daily.

By Monday, the company said the released employees would be paid after all.

“They will be paid for all hours worked,” company attorney Kent Kiffner wrote in an email. He did not give a timeline.

Green Growth Brands says laid-off workers will be paid while sale of CBD business continues