Green Leaf Lab is leading the way at navigating new California cannabis regulations

The Department of Cannabis Control (DCC) has officially taken the first of many steps involved in consolidating the regulators that oversee cannabis licensees. In doing so, the DCC focuses on licensing, inspecting, and regulating all hemp and cannabis-related activity in the state of California.

These regulations apply to businesses in cultivation, manufacturing, and other license types held by distributors, retailers, microbusinesses, and even hemp and cannabis testing laboratories like Green Leaf Labs!

Simplifying the complexities of the hemp and cannabis industry into one cohesive section of the California Code of Regulations is hugely beneficial in improving access to licensure and businesses but most importantly, it normalizes consumer safety.

Regulations Keep Us Safe

The changes being made in this consolidation process brings to light a component of the hemp and cannabis industry, an emphasis on safety and transparency, that our team of scientists and researchers here at Green Leaf Labs are extremely passionate about.

Knowing that the general public of California is consuming safe hemp and cannabis CBD products is paramount in our mission as an independent analytical testing laboratory. The regulations at play in this industry can be quite complex, so consolidation and streamlining of this information means that those involved have easier access to understanding their responsibilities to safety when growing, manufacturing, or distributing.

Green Leaf Labs is the first women-owned independent analytical testing laboratory in the nation, and the first cannabis laboratory to be licenced and accredited by a state agency; a groundbreaking achievement for the advancement in CBD product safety and cannabis compliance testing.

To achieve the ISO 17025 certifications we hold requires our staff and scientists to thoroughly understand all rules and regulations that affect the testing process we perform for our customers’ products.

Educating The Public

Change is the only constant, especially in our ever-growing industry. As regulations evolve in CaliforniaOregon, and across the nation, Green Leaf Labs looks to be an educational resource for all of our customers in comprehending regulation changes and more.

Because we work diligently at being an educator about hemp and cannabis product safety, our team is here to answer any questions you may have about these and any other changes to regulations in our industry.

Be sure to contact us with any questions and explore what Green Leaf Labs can do for you, your business, and the industry as a whole.

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