Green Light Law Group OR: Forthcoming Presentations On Hemp Law & Issues

What you need to know to protect yourself now
What will you do if your sinsemilla crop is seeded out by the hemp farm next door? Or, as a seed producer, what is your legal exposure if someone accuses you of allowing pollen drift and ruining their crops? In this presentation, you will learn the ins and outs of cross pollination lawsuits and take away actionable information on how you can protect yourself from lawsuits now.
Presented by Andrew DeWeese, Green Light Law Group 
Andrew has been providing legal services to the cannabis industry since 2014, as the founder of the Oregon Cannabis Law Group, and merged that firm with Green Light Law Group in January 2019. When crisis strikes, Andrew is the first call for many of the most influential players in the cannabis industry, who rely on his business acumen and experience as a seasoned trial lawyer to guide their response. Andrew has substantial experience in all facets of cannabis litigation, including partnership disputes, collections, commercial/agricultural and landlord/tenant actions, employment, and fraud, as well as in administrative actions involving state agencies such as the OLCC and OHA.
The difference between a solid, long-lasting business relationship and a future of nightmare litigation 
As every farmer knows, solid supply chain relationships are integral to the success of any agri-business. In this session, we will take you through the key provisions that should be negotiated and included in hemp industry contracts between growers, processors, and re-sellers of hemp and hemp/cannabinoid products. Please join us as we discuss the importance of, and best practices for, contractional provisions addressing quality control, price, payment, legal and regulatory compliance, indemnification, agricultural liens, and other Uniform Commercial Code considerations that should be included in any hemp industry supply chain agreement. 
Presented by Perry Salzhauer, Green Light Law Group
Heading up the firm’s corporate practice group, Perry has advised businesses and government agencies on a broad range of contractual matters for almost 20 years. His experience includes negotiating and executing supply-chain contracts for private companies, public companies, and some of the largest government contractors and government agencies on both coasts, while developing model agreements to streamline their operations. Since turning his attention to the cannabis industry, Perry has helped many marijuana and hemp companies develop and negotiate customized agreements for unique business relationships as well as model agreements for more general use. With his vast experience in the field of mergers and acquisitions and corporate finance, Perry also has a deep and practical understanding of the importance of all contracts in the acquisition and valuation processes. 
Dates & Locations
August 26, 2019 Grants Pass, Oregon
3:00pm: Wild River Pizza Banquet Room 
August 27, 2019 Medford, Oregon
3:00pm: Inn at the Commons
September 4, 2019 Bend, Oregon
1:30pm: McMenamins
September 5, 2019 Eugene, Oregon
2:00pm: Valley River Inn
September 9, 2019 Salem, Oregon
1:00pm: Salem’s Historic Grand
September 11, 2019 Portland, Oregon
2:00pm: Revolution Hall, Sunset Room

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