Harborside Dispensaries Partner With CanPay For Debit Payments For Deliveries

Bezinga.com report

“All Harborside delivery drivers at both its locations (Oakland and San Jose) now have a device that can accept CanPay transactions on them, allowing patients to use this option, if they desire to,” Eide told Benzinga during a recent conversation.

Currently, CanPay is only accepted for deliveries, but not for in-store transactions. “The priority for Harborside was to offer an opportunity for patients who are accepting delivery, to have a cashless option. Until now, it was cash-only and there wasn’t a workable solution for them to de-cash that transaction,” Eide added. “There’s a reason these patients are receiving cannabis at home. While some opt for delivery for convenience, others are not able to leave the house and go to an ATM to get the cash they need to receive their delivery.”

It is anticipated, however, that CanPay will be accepted in Harborside stores soon.

Users should note that Harborside operates under its own DBA name, which means that the transactions will show up in their bank account transaction history with the Harborside name next to them. “This is a form of legitimacy and transparency,” Eide explained. It is, nonetheless, understandable when patients don’t want this to show up in their account summary. But, the road to normalization of cannabis consumption is not evenly paved.

“It’s an honor to be selected by an industry leader like Harborside. They obviously have a thorough vetting process whenever they review technology they want to employ,” CanPay’s CEO concluded.

Source: https://www.benzinga.com/fintech/17/08/9885504/largest-marijuana-dispensary-group-in-the-us-now-takes-debit-payments

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