Hawaii Adopts Interim Rules for Hemp Processors

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The rules restrict the sale of food and beverages that contain cannabinoids, though consumers can use hemp oil to make edibles at home.

Hawaii’s Department of Health (DOH) has adopted interim rules for hemp processing, which took effect Aug. 9.


The new rules restrict the sale of food and beverages that contain cannabinoids and other hemp derivatives, cannabinoid vape liquids and “products that are intended to be introduced into the body via eyes, ears, nasal cavities and other non-oral routes of entry.” DOH also reaffirmed a smokable hemp ban previously enacted by the Hawaii Legislature.

Within the edible and ingestible category, the new rules limit product manufacturing to “tablet, capsule, powder, softgel, gelcap or liquid form (e.g., hemp oil) to be used by the consumer to infuse edible items at home for personal use.”

Contrasting with several of the interim rules for hemp processors, Hawaii’s medical cannabis program allows the sale of cannabis flower, concentrates and vape liquids, and last year permitted the sale of numerous edible products such as gummies.

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