Hawaii Just Launched a New Medical Marijuana Program for Visitors

That’s how to get people to visit !

Tourists can apply for the 329-V card, which provides legal access to the state’s medical cannabis dispensaries for up to 60 days !
Visitors heading to Hawaii may now participate in the islands’ medical cannabis program. The Hawaii State Department of Health has announced that Out-of-State medical cannabis patients may now apply online for a 329-V card. The new card provides visiting patients with legal access to Hawaiiʻs medical cannabis dispensaries for up to 60 days. The Hawaii Educational Association for Therapeutic Healthcare (HEALTH), the state’s trade association for licensed dispensaries, supported the announcement and has been working to prepare for the increase in demand for medical cannabis in Hawaii.

“As Hawaii’s medical cannabis dispensary program continues to grow, we are happy the program will be extended to visitors from out of state so that visitors with debilitating diseases, chronic pain, PTSD and other conditions can continue to receive the therapeutic effects of cannabis while in Hawaiiʻi,” said Pedro Haro, Executive Director of HEALTH. “This is a major milestone for integrative healthcare options in the islands and for our visitor industry as a whole.”

Hawaii’s first state-licensed medical cannabis dispensaries opened during the summer of 2017 to serve residents. During the 2018 legislative session, government officials worked with the industry and patient advocates to pass House Bill 2729, which established the 329-V card program to provide Out-of-State Patients (OSPs) with legal access to medical cannabis dispensaries while visiting the islands.

“We are particularly pleased with the advances that the Department of Health has made towards modernizing the process for which both locals and visitors are able to obtain their medical cannabis cards,” said Haro. “They have worked seamlessly to provide a completely digital platform for patients, which makes it all the more efficient to apply and receive a card”.

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