Hawthorne Gardening Introduces Energy Advisory Program To Help Cultivators Meet Sustainability Goals


As growing cannabis industry faces demands for greener operations and stricter regulations, Hawthorne Gardening introduces energy advisory program

Port Washington, March 22, 2021 –To help cultivators become more energy- and cost-efficient, Hawthorne Gardening Company, a division of the The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company has launched an Energy Advisory Program through an exclusive partnership with Seinergy, Inc. Seinergy is an energy management advisor with deep expertise in the electric utility rebate sector that will help Hawthorne clients achieve the best energy rebates available for their investments in our energy efficient equipment, including lighting, fans, HVAC, and dehumidification systems.

Many cannabis cultivators, seeking a greener, more cost-efficient approach to growing, are taking proactive steps to reduce their energy footprint. At the same time, regulators in a growing number of states are putting strict energy-use policies in place for indoor horticulture facilities. And while cultivators are investing more than ever in energy-efficient equipment, they may not be maximizing their ROI, given the lack of awareness or understanding of the differing cash rebate and other energy cost management programs from local utility companies across the country.

Utility cash rebate programs can cover 10-50% of the upfront cost of equipment, but often because of their complex structures and strict rules, even cultivators trying to benefit from them leave tens of thousands of dollars in rebates on the table.

“Looking ahead for this rapidly expanding industry, the pillars of success for cultivators will be product quality, cost efficiency, and environmental impact. The foundation of Hawthorne’s business is providing the cutting-edge products across our brands that enable growers to manage these success areas effectively”. Said Adam McCuiston, Vice President of Marketing for Hawthorne. “Where we can really create value is by combining our technical expertise that helps cultivators get optimal use of our products’ along with energy use and cost management segments of their business. This helps our customers lower costs, maximize the effectiveness of their operations  and boost investor returns, all while maintaining product quality,”

“Understanding energy use is the first step in managing it, and the dedicated Seinergy advisor and project manager that will advise each qualifying Hawthorne client will help them develop their energy literacy,” said Bob Gunn, founder and CEO of Seinergy. “We can then work together to leverage Hawthorne’s brands and technical expertise along with our knowledge of utility rebate programs to maximize the ROI and growing conditions in newly built or upgraded cultivation facilities.”

To date, Seinergy has delivered over $20 million in rebates for cannabis cultivators from 28 utilities in 18 states and Canada. Through its partnership with Seinergy, Hawthorne will make Seinergy’s services available exclusively and free of charge to Hawthorne customers in North America.

Rebate management services can be accessed at: https://www.hawthorne-gardening.com/services/rebate-services/

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