Hemp Associations To Challenge New Italian Hemp / CBD Decree

Italian and European hemp associations say they will jointly challenge a decree by Italy’s Ministry of Health that added CBD to the country’s list of medicines, essentially giving the compound narcotics status in all applications. Reports Hemp Today….

Federcanapa, the Italian Hemp Federation, and the European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA) say they intend to fight the decree in Italy’s Regional Administrative Court, claiming it represents a sweeping ban that fails to recognize any distinction between CBD in industrial and medicinal applications.

The groups say the measure incorrectly bans over-the-counter CBD-based supplements that contain medium levels of the compound, as well as foods that contain CBD at even lower levels.

“The destinations for industrial hemp – food and cosmetics first of all – are in fact allowed by (Italian) law, within well-defined limits on the use of certain parts of the plant and within defined THC limits in the finished product (zero THC in cosmetics, and limits set by the Ministerial Decree on food of Nov. 4, 2019),” the groups wrote in a statement issued late last week. “The inclusion, without qualification, of hemp extracts in the (Italian) medicines table of the Single Text on Narcotic Drugs involves interpretative doubts that risk to also compromise extraction activities permitted by law.”

The associations say they will challenge the recently published decree “to highlight the blatant contrast with EU legislation (on the free movement of goods and services) and with the intention of defining – once and for all – the clear distinction that exists between industrial hemp . . . products and narcotic cannabis.”

More at  https://hemptoday.net/cbds-narcotic-status-in-italy-to-be-challenged-by-2-hemp-groups/

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