The state’s first and largest hemp crop in at least a half century is causing a stink in North Kingstown.

Neighbors around Dawson Hodgson’s 65 acres of hemp off Exeter Road are expected to appeal to the Town Council Monday night to do something about the pungent skunk-like odor which they say has permeated their houses, cars and clothes since August.

“It smells,” says David DellaSelva, who lives in the Slocum Woods neighborhood a quarter-mile south of Hodgson’s 70,000 hemp bushes, now being cut and dried for market. “I’m asthmatic and it’s made it worse. My wife says it’s all over her body when she goes to work.”

DellaSelva says “I have no beef with someone wanting to make a buck, but you really shouldn’t be doing anything that affects the neighbors.”

Hodgson, president of the 500-acre turf farm, Sodco, became the state’s first large-scale hemp grower in decades after the federal government last year removed the cannabis plant from a list of controlled substances.