The co-founders of a major hemp products producer want federal regulators to develop procedures and guidelines for commercial haulers of hemp and hemp-processing materials. Reports Freightwaves publication

In a white paper submitted to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) Motor Carrier Advisory Committee (MCSAC) this week, Brett Goldman and Steve Bevan, co-founders of GenCanna Global, asked the committee to consider defining standard operating procedures (SOPs) for all compliant hemp, as well as develop guidelines for transporting non-compliant “work in process” hemp materials across state lines.

Their experience in hemp transportation revealed the need for those SOPs to “include training of drivers, bills of lading and cargo manifests, copies of hemp licenses, and coordination with law enforcement (in certain cases),” according to the co-founders’ paper.

“All competent business operators – from the farm to the store shelf – want compliance above all. Simply demonstrating traceability along with regulatory compliance satisfies this need, as it does for all other crops and foods/supplements derived from those crops.”

Goldman and Bevan, who are also founding members of the US Hemp Roundtable, which lobbies on behalf of hemp producers and makers of hemp-generated cannabidiol (CBD), also recommend creating guidance for how law enforcement interprets and enforces federal hemp transportation regulations.