Hemp Roundtable – State Alerts 20 May 2024

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In Louisiana, major concerns remain about SB237 which has moved to the full House floor for a vote — this dangerous bill would BAN all hemp-derived products containing any THC.

Much better for the industry is HB 952, which received first and second reading in the Senate and has been assigned to the Senate Agriculture Committee. A hearing is scheduled for 5/21. The bill makes important clarifications that beverages are limited to a single serving and tinctures are limited to 120ml in volume.

If you are a Louisiana resident or business, please use our State Action Center to oppose SB237 and support of HB952.

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We have bad news in Connecticut. Two bills we’ve been fighting — HB 5150 and SB 200 — were recently signed into law. The new laws maintain Connecticut’s current THC limits for the next few months. But starting October 1, 2024, all manufactured hemp products will be limited to 1mg THC per serving/5mg THC per container, eliminating the current 25mg allowance for hemp tinctures. The only exception is for infused beverages, which will be limited to 3mg THC per container, 12 fluid ounces, and 4 containers per pack. Things get even worse starting January 1, 2025, when moderate-THC hemp products will be limited to 0.5mg THC per serving/5mg THC per container. The exception for infused beverages will continue, however.

A third bill, HB 5235, is in conference committee and may be enacted soon. The bill expands the current definitions of manufactured cannabinoids and synthetic cannabinoids, treats synthetic cannabinoids as schedule I controlled substances, and prohibits the sale of synthetic cannabinoids.


There’s yet another battle in the war on hemp in Illinois. An amendment to SB 776, which is being pushed by Big Cannabis interests, would impose the same 0.5mg total THC per serving/2mg total THC per package limits as SB 3926, including for ointments and tinctures. Also, the bill would set possession limits for hemp products. A resident of Illinois who is 21 or older could possess up to 500mg THC in a cannabis-infused product, 500mg THC in a hemp concentrate derived products, or 500mg THC in both cannabis-infused products and hemp concentrate derived products. The cumulative limits would be cut in half for a non-resident who is 21 or older.

Illinois Hemp Supporters are encouraged to urge lawmakers to oppose both SB 776 and SB 3926.

Contact Illinois Lawmakers

New York


New York’s S9487 would legalize hemp-derived beverages containing up to 5 milligrams of THC per container without any ratio or serving size requirements. This progressive bill ensures consumer safety while promoting the growth of the hemp industry in New York.

Hemp Supporters in New York are encouraged to use our State Action Center to urge legislators to support this promising legislation. 


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As we previously reported, Iowa HF 2605 had passed the legislature and awaited the governor’s action. On Friday, Governor Kim Reynolds signed this bill into law despite expressing concerns after hearing from advocates.

The new law, effective July 1, 2024, imposes stringent limits on hemp-derived THC products, capping them at 4 milligrams of THC per serving and 10 milligrams per package. Many hemp retailers fear the law will hurt their businesses and limit access to beneficial products.







In Missouri, SB 984 aimed to treat intoxicating cannabinoid products as marijuana. While hemp-derived CBD would have been excluded, all intoxicating hemp-derived cannabinoids, including THC beverages, would have been criminalized. We suggested Missouri follow Kentucky’s model, which strictly regulates these products to keep them out of the hands of minors.

There’s great news to report. Last week, the Missouri General Assembly has adjourned for the year without passing House Bill 1781 or Senate Bill 984. This means Missouri’s hemp industry remains safe for another year, as these restrictive measures have failed to pass. This is a victory for the hemp industry in Missouri, ensuring that businesses can continue operating without the new proposed restrictions. We will continue to monitor the situation and advocate for sensible regulations that protect both consumers and the industry in the state.




New Jersey





And trouble on another new front: In New Jersey, S3235 would ban the retail sale of full-spectrum hemp products, limiting them to licensed cannabis dispensaries. The bill requires a license from the Cannabis Regulatory Commission to sell a product containing more than 0.3% total THC, 0.5mg of total THC per serving, or 2.5mg of total THC per package. The bill provides that a consumable product with any detectable THC is limited to persons 21 or older.

New Jersey Hemp Supporters are encouraged to urge lawmakers to oppose the bill.





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