Title: Belize House Passes Decriminalization, Hemp Production Bill

Belize House Passes Decriminalization, Hemp Production Bill

Title:  Hemp Planting to Triple in Uruguay as Legal Marijuana Stumbles

Author: Bloomberg

Date: 24 October 2017


Extract: Uruguay’s nascent hemp industry is quietly expanding in the shadow of its more sexy cousin, recreational marijuana, with planting of the crop used in food, pharmaceuticals and textiles set to triple this year.Nine companies, including a subsidiary of publicly traded International Cannabis Corp., are authorized to plant about 1,200 hectares in 2017, according to Agriculture Ministry data. About 400 hectares were planted last year.Hemp is proving to be a safer investment than marijuana as U.S. banks refuse to work with local lenders that cater to licensed marijuana growers and distributors in Uruguay. The South American nation of about 3.4 million people was the first nation to regulate cannabis in all forms.

Title:  Canadian hemp markets could be side-swiped by U.S. Overly enthusiastic U.S. producers could potentially swamp 
the market if the crop is fully legalized

Author: Manitoba Cooperator

Date: 24 October 2017


Extract: Future hemp markets are uncertain as Canadian buyers wait to see if hemp production is legalized in the United States, according to one industry professional.

“There still is a lot of excitement (in the U.S.) about hemp as being something new… that grassroots excitement is one that we’re watching closely to make sure it doesn’t cause overproduction,” said Clarence Shwaluk, director of farm operations for Fresh Hemp Foods.

In the U.S., hemp production is currently in its infancy stages. It is limited to pilot projects, with producers having to grow hemp in partnership with universities or state extension groups. As well, individual states need legislation to approve production, however, that could change.


Title:  Vermont’s Burgeoning Hemp Industry May Face Changes

Author: Vermont Cannabis News

Date: 24 October 2017


Extract:  With the recent boom in hemp cultivation and production across the Northeast, Vermont sits at an uncertain crossroads. New York and Canada are seeing an increased demand for hemp products, with a corresponding rise in local investment. With larger, adjacent markets to the north and west, this could be a limiting factor in Vermont’s hemp industry development. Within the year, Vermont is likely to pass a cannabis legalization bill, informing changes and unknown implications for the state’s established hemp industry. However, Vermont is still poised for success with some of the nation’s loosest regulations and a conducive climate for hemp cultivation.





Title: St. Croix Chippewa ready to grow hemp in Wisconsin

Author: Ledger Enquirer

Date: 23 October 2017


Extract: A Wisconsin tribe is set to grow hemp in hopes of extracting oil from the plant that could help treat seizures and other health problems, despite uncertainty over its legality. The St. Croix Chippewa plan to begin production at the end of the month, the Wisconsin State Journal reported.