Federal appeals court hears hemp industry lawsuit challenging DEA’s position on CBD


Hemp Advocates Challenge the DEA in Court Over Hemp Extract Ruling



Title:  Arizona bills seek to boost hemp industry

Author: Phoenix Business Jnl

Date: 16 February 2018




Title:   Senate Panel Approves Bill To Open Up Hemp Industry In Indiana


Date: 15 February 2018



A bill to open up the industrial hemp industry in Indiana passed a Senate panel, even as supporters face pushback from some skeptical lawmakers.

The committee hearing Thursday was the Senate’s first look this session at legislation meant to support the broader hemp sector. That’s while a measure to legalize the hemp byproduct cannabidiol, or CBD, already cleared the Senate this year.

The 2014 federal farm bill allowed limited hemp growing. And some states have since used that law to pursue expanded production. That includes Kentucky, where Brian Furnish helped lead the charge. Furnish says hemp is the crop of the future.

“Hemp in the United States, and Indiana and Kentucky especially, will be bigger than corn in my lifetime,” Furnish says.



Title:  Oregon hemp program expansion proposed

Author: Miami Herald – Assoc Press

Date: 15 February 2018



The bill would expand a hemp research program run by the Oregon Department of Agriculture. The bill would classify hemp seed as an agricultural seed, and direct the agency to set standards for the seed, and create standard identification documents for hemp products. A House committee approved the bill on a 9-0 vote Thursday.