Here is How Kratom Powder Beautifies Your Skin

As per a global insight by Lucintel, customers’ spend a whopping amount of $382 billion on cosmetic products annually. And researchers claim, only the skin care products market size is going to touch $135 billion growth by the end of 2021. Now, this shouts out a lot about the ever-rising demand for skincare and beauty products across the world.

Irrespective of age, culture, gender, and nature, people remain conscious of their overall appearance. Eventually, this results in increasing demand for make-up, beauty and skincare products promising different benefits.

When talking about the different product types adding a lot more to one’s beauty, it’s hard to miss on kratom powder. Many researchers and people claim it to prove productive and highly effective for beauty and skincare purposes.


What is kratom powder?

Kratom comes from the family of coffee and is considered as a herbal tree containing several skin and health benefits. People throughout the world have witnessed multiple positive effects. Resulting, more and more people have started to rely on kratom powder, extract and leaves for their skincare issues.

Before landing upon the different uses of kratom powder for skincare, here are three most common types of kratom powder available –

  1. Red bali kratom
  2. Green malay kratom
  3. Maeng da kratom


Some surprising skin benefits of kratom powder are –

  1. Clear skin – It works on cleansing the skin pores giving an individual a radiant glow. Plus, those who feel they often suffer from skin issues can give kratom powder made skincare products a try. Witnessing its surprising results, experts highly recommend using kratom infused products for skin betterment. You only have to pick from a seller like that sells a complete range of lab-tested products, including the powder variant.


  1. Even skin tone – Kratom is a progressive and impressively significant component leaving a sheer and equal tone glow on the consumer’s face. Therefore, kratom skincare products, including body creams, oil, shower bombs, etc. are getting quite popular amid people.


  1. No more skin patches – Someone with uncomfortable and itchy patches should give a try to kratom skincare products as it heals skin redness, rashes, etc. while eliminating each mark of awful skin patches.


The ideal way to use kratom powder on the skin?

Although it’s useful, you can’t use kratom powder on your skin directly. It has to have a form or type for maximum results. Here is how to use it.


You can blend it with other skin-friendly ingredients and form –

  1. Face/hand wash
  2. Soaps


For effectiveness.


How to make the kratom powder soap?

You can use either kratom powder or extract to form the kratom powder soap. Other most common ingredients include – coconut oil, olive oil, water distilled water, and lye would be enough. For a perfect looking soap, you would need to use the right measurement of all listed ingredients. There are numerous online videos available to help you perform quick DIY for kratom powder soap.

Note – No matter what kratom powder type or the amount you use, make sure to consult a dermatologist to get maximum benefits.


The bottom line –

Kratom powder is one of the superior tropical trees, also known as mitragyna speciosa. This herbal tree is native to Southeast Asia. Since the nineteenth century, kratom powder has been found and used for traditional medicinal purposes. After witnessing some promising results, the usage of kratom powder for skincare and other relevant uses has accelerated to an extent.


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