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Kentucky: Push to Legalize Medical Marijuana in 2016
Former Congressman Mike Ward recently announced the formation of a group called Legalize Kentucky Now, which will work with state lawmakers and government officials to pass a bill to legalize medical marijuana in Kentucky. ……

Indiana: Bill Filed to Legalize Medical Marijuana
Senator Karen Tallian recently submitted a bill aimed at legalizing medical marijuana for those patients suffering from a list of conditions ranging from AIDS to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Senate Bill 209is similar to other measures the lawmakers has introduced over the past several years but has been unable to get a hearing. ……

Virginia: Lawmakers Works to Decriminalize Marijuana
Senator Adam Ebbin has filed a bill that would decriminalize the possession of marijuana in small amounts throughout the state. Senate Bill 104 would …….

Vermont: Bill Submitted to Legalize Recreational Marijuana

Senator Jeanette White recently announced the submission of a bill that would legalize a statewide cannabis industry. The proposal seeks to legalize the cultivation, possession, and sale of marijuana for adults 21 or over, taking on a regulatory model similar to the one overseen by the Liquor Control Board. White’s bill is unique in the way that it……….

Georgia: Lawmaker Attempts to Legalize Medical Marijuana Cultivation
Representative Allen Peake has introduced a proposal that he hopes will take a worthless cannabis oil possession law and turn it into medical marijuana program that allows cultivation. Last year, the lawmaker was behind the passing of the Haleigh’s Hope Act, which allows specific patients to register with the state to have a specific amount of CBD oil in their possession…….

New Mexico: Push to Legalize Recreational Marijuana
Representative Bill McCamley has filed a measure aimed at establishing a taxed and regulated cannabis industry in New Mexico. The bill would essentially allow people 21 or over to purchase weed in a manner similar to what is ……..

Washington D.C.: Cannabis Clubs Banned Again
Although the D.C. Council originally steered toward allowing cannabis clubs in the nation’s capital, a last minute cell phone campaign by Mayor Muriel Bowser promoted lawmakers to reverse their decision for at least the next 90 days. ……

Missouri: Medical Marijuana Initiative Approved for Signatures
New Approach Missouri, the organization working to legalize medical marijuana in 2016, has been cleared by the Secretary of State to begin collecting the 160,000 signatures needed to get their initiative on the ballot in November. ………

Missouri: Two Bills Filed To Legalize Recreational Marijuana
Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal has submitted a proposal that would legalize marijuana for recreational purposes. Senate Bill 762 would give adults 21 or older the freedom to purchase up to an ounce of weed at retail outlets across the state. ……..

New Hampshire: Several Bills Introduced to Legalize Recreational Marijuana
Three marijuana bills aimed at legalizing marijuana have been filed in the State Legislature for consideration in 2016. Representative Michael Sylvia has introduced House Bill 1610, which would allow adults 21 or over to cultivate and possess marijuana without establishing a taxed and regulated system. ………