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One of the most popular proposals, which was included in last year’s spending bill, would prevent the Department of Justice and their cronies at the DEA from using federal funds to cause obstruction in states that have legalized marijuana for medicinal use. Known as the Rohrabacher-Farr Amendment, the measure was drafted with the intention of forcing the federal government to respect a state’s decision to legalize medical marijuana and prevent American tax dollars from being used to prosecute dispensaries and patients.

However, this amendment has been the source of a great deal of controversy over the past year due to liberal interpretations within the Department of Justice.

In April, a spokesperson for the DOJ told The Los Angeles Times that the amendment only hinders the department from “impending the ability of states to carry out their medical marijuana laws,” but that it did nothing to stop them from shaking down the medical marijuana community. This prompted Rohrabacher and Farr to send a nasty letter to then Attorney General Eric Holder, encouraging him to bring the DOJ “back into compliance with federal law.”

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