Hilarious Product Of The Week – The Powerhitter

This is the sort of thing we used to make ourselves aged about 17 while off our collective nonces, now of course in 2021 it’s a product !

The problem with kids these days Is that they didn’t have shows like this to teach them the joys of building crap DIY projects..

A Stoner Classic. !


Joints are one of the best ways to get lifted, and now there’s a way to make ‘em even better. The PowerHitter will elevate your j-game by letting you take it into water, share it with your friends without spreading germs, and minimizing waste by maximizing hits.
When tokers rave about a cannabis product with spectacular reviews, it’s definitely worth checking out what all the hype is about. So, when we heard about The PowerHitter, a smoking device born in the 70s, we had to try it for ourselves.

Weed smokers from Long Beach to Amsterdam have heaped high praise on The PowerHitter, with many saying they’d “hit that” over and over again. The PowerHitter will forever change the way you think of that expression. 

It did for Allen Stein, the founder of The PowerHitter Co., when he first experienced the magic of this dope device.

Allen first became acquainted with The PowerHitter back in the 80s, while chilling in the parking lot of a Grateful Dead show. He’d never seen anything like it before. The device — a squeeze-bottle that pulls a shotgun hit of weed — was passed among his friends. Once he got a chance to puff The PowerHitter full of sweet smoke, it changed him forever.

More absolute tosh at  https://merryjane.com/culture/the-powerhitter-will-knock-your-smoking-seshes-out-of-the-park?s=n&mc_cid=126ac63be6&mc_eid=98e32ee543

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