We’re not the best at what we do, we’re the only ones who do what we do.

Whether you’re a well-seasoned cannabis industry operator or just getting your foot in the door, you should be asking yourself, “what does it take to create a truly successful, sustainable business in the cannabis space?”

For years, clients have walked into the Hoban Law Group and Feldmann Nagel Cantafio firms knowing they needed a business license, an operating agreement, and some other statutorily created requirement necessary to comply with state law. 

But it’s not about what they knew. It’s always been about what they didn’t know and what they are looking for, which is strategy and context to achieve long-term success and sustained profits in a competitive and nascent industry. That may seem like more than a U.S. lawyer can offer, but lawyers in the cannabis space are not just lawyers, they are the institutional knowledge of the industry. 


Over the course of the last decade, myself and fellow Gateway Proven Strategies (GPS) founder, Charles Feldmann, have traveled the world speaking at conferences, meeting with international legal clients, and connecting with foreign governments about the viability of a legitimate global cannabis industry. 

Around the planet, Charles and I would be speaking at conferences, offering up similar insights and observations. Through our parallel experience in law and cannabusiness, we’d manifested a singular vision for the global commoditization of cannabis. Last year, we came together to form GPS, a consulting firm centered around a vision to be the guide our clients desperately so need, collectively bringing an unparalleled expertise in the industry, a deep bench of global talent, and a disposition for collaboration over competition. 

Simply put, we’re not the best at what we do, we’re the only ones who do what we do.

The movement has spread, the players have shifted from cannaprenuers to reputable professionals. And here, at the tail-end of the movement that brought cannabis to the mainstream, at the beginning of the global cannabis industry, the future is going to depend on depth of experience and strategic business practices. Enter Gateway Proven Strategies.