9 March 2017

HLG Welcomes Ivette Gonzalez Petkovich, Esq. 

to Our Florida Team

HLG is proud to welcome Ivette Gonzalez Petkovich, Esq., to our team in Miami. After years practicing law in the criminal justice system experiencing firsthand the frequent injustices in the prosecution of marijuana offenses and, in the process, learning the science and data behind cannabis as medicine, Mrs. Petkovich joined Florida’s movement to legalize medical marijuana. In 2014, she became an early advocate for the development of the industry in Florida. She served as the legal instructor for the Cannabis Career Institute’s (CCI) Florida seminars, giving lectures across the state analyzing the legislature’s reactionary approach to developing the state’s regulatory structure and how to develop successful businesses within such a structure.

As a founding partner of CCI Español, she helped create the first cannabis industry seminar strictly for Spanish speakers. After witnessing the legislature turn the issue into a matter of politics rather than patients, in 2016, she launched her candidacy for the FL House of Representatives District 103. She serves as General Counsel to Sacred Inc., which produces and distributes infused cannabis products and is a consultant for entrepreneurs seeking investors, as well as, grow operations and ancillary businesses on the west coast. She advises and represents Florida doctors certified to make recommendations under current law, educating this profession on the industry, the science, and best practices.

She proudly serves on the Board of the Cannamoms, a nonprofit organization aimed at raising awareness of the advancements and need for cannabis in the treatment of pediatric diseases and disorders. She is a legal and political analyst in the Spanish media market informing and debating on this and other issues. Her training and experience serves to counsel dispensaries, growers, doctors, and other entities in building successful organizations founded upon strict compliance, science and social responsibility.

You can learn more about  Ivette at  the HLG website