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June 14th, 2017

Hoban Law Group and Canna Pro Series Present:

Hemp MBA in a Day Workshop

Discount code for workshop: CPS10OFF

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The industrial hemp industry is poised to become a global economic juggernaut. Since 1937, industrial hemp has been prohibited in the United States. Yet, since that time, a large part of the developed world had embraced this plant for its 50,000+ uses, and has successfully sustained this industry with technology, innovation, and expanded uses.

With the passage of the 2014 Farm Bill, the U.S. has once again joined in this global economy, which is far more than just soap, rope, textiles, and paper. Industrial hemp is being presently utilized to produce durable goods, fuels, super-capacitor materials, industrial chemicals, construction materials, consumer products, foods, and wellness products. The market progress we have seen in under three years in the U.S. has sufficient momentum to Make America Hemp Again. To be sure, industrial hemp will serve as the catalyst to reinvigorate our agricultural and manufacturing economy, while creating jobs growth in and across large portions of rural America. This seminar is intended to provide a sophisticated view of the global industrial hemp industry featuring: investment strategies; governmental policy updates; legal and regulatory panels; medical/wellness discussions; networking opportunities; and, access to the global hemp industry’s movers and shakers. These are the pioneers forging the way in a reinvigorated industry. However, this industry is not immune to peril. Fortunately, there are some who consider these obstacles as mere speed bumps.

If you are an investor, farmer, professional, technology developer, entrepreneur, or an advocate for economic development that does not compromise people, come see what you are missing. Hemp represents an amazing opportunity for the U.S. to again lead the world in manufacturing and production, and to encourage a new generation of farmers. And Make America Hemp Again!

This workshop is an add-on to your CWCBE ticket for $299.00 and it is money well spent for insight into the emerging industrial hemp industry from experts you will rarely see together in one place. 

Discount code for workshop: CPS10OFF

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