How cannabis is helpful to prevent diseases?

Cannabis is a plant which is also known as marijuana. It grows on tropical areas of the world. Cannabis products are extracted from dried leaves, flowering tops, stems and seeds of cannabis sativa. People use cannabis dried leaves, seed oil and other parts of the plants for medicinal and recreational purposes. Marijuana is made by the mixture of grey and green plants that are drying up. A long time ago, scientist have found its usage for recreational and medicinal purposes. It is very popular in United States, as there is a high frequency of drug abuse at U.S. Cannabis strains are derived from cannabaceae family of plants. Cannabis have variety of subspecies. Two subspecies of cannabis which are commonly grown are Cannabis indica and cannabis sativa. These subspecies mainly used for industrial, recreational and medicinal purposes. Due to distinctive physical characteristic of cannabis plants indica and sativa words are derived. Cannabis indica plants are shorter and have dark green leaves whereas cannabis sativa are taller and have pale green leaves. Each strain of cannabis contains chemical compounds of tetrahydrocannibal


THC and CBD. Concentration of both are different in every strain. These chemical compounds gives therapeutic effects.

Cannabis: a versatile plant

Cannabis plant is considered as a versatile plant as it has varying implementation worldwide. As cannabis has strong fiber and durability, it has long history, many farmers used to manufacture rope and textile by utilizing cannabis and produce their source of income. It was thought that cannabis can only be used for smoke purposes, but after 18th century when cannabis sativa was discovered whole view about cannabis was changed. Cannabinoids in cannabis are like vitamins and minerals in food. Vitamins and minerals in food help our body or brain to function properly, similarly cannabinoids such as THC repairs cellular damage and CBD helps to tackle anxiety and depression. Each strain of cannabis carry these cannabinoids which gives unique recreational and pharmaceutical qualities.

Therapeutic effects of cannabis:

Treatment of cancer

There are several advantages of cannabis. Cannabis helps to prevent cancer. As cancer prevents the cells from growing which ultimately creates a tumor in a body. Marijuana cures the cancer, as it has 113 kinds of cannabinoids. These cannabinoids makes the cannabis to have unique medical properties. CBD and THC triggered dead cells in the body. (THC) and (CBD) kills cancer cells from growing. If tumor spreads in the blood, it makes the cancer difficult to cure. Cannabinoids in marijuana kill cancer cells growth. In 2017, Anna Wilcox wrote in his article “Does cannabis cure cancer?” that cannabis can help to cure cancer, but he also claimed that it cannot be fully recovered through cannabis. Cannabinoids helps to slow down the growth of cancer. Cannabinoids also help to fight against nausea and vomiting caused by chemotherapy

Treatment of Glaucoma

Marijuana is also used to treat Glaucoma. It is a disease in which patient’s side vision is reduced and often leads to blindness. This blindness occurs because of high intraocular pressure (IOP) in eyes. To treat glaucoma intraocular IOP should be lower. Marijuana helps to lower the intraocular pressure (IOP) in eyes. A research by National Eyes Institute on marijuana was carried out and it was found that tetrahydrocannabinal (THC) helps to cure glaucoma. David Turbert, in his article wrote about glaucoma disease. He writes that marijuana helps to cure glaucoma. In an article “cannabis and cannabinoid research”, it was found that cannabis indica plants contain higher level concentration of (CBD) and cannabis sativa contains higher concentration level of (THC).

Treatment of brain disorders:

People who suffer with sleeping disorders such as insomnia, marijuana relaxing effects help them to improve sleeping disorder. Marijuana also helps to treat post-traumatic stress disorders (PTSD), epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis. It also helps to cure Alzheimer’s: a brain diseases in which a person loses the memory. Food and drug administration (FDA) approved that marijuana contains (CBD) which helps to fight against epilepsy as it is non psychoactive in nature and improves the mental health. Researched and experiments approved the use of (CBD) for specific type of epilepsy such as Lennox Gestot Syndrome and Dravit Syndrome. (CBD) doses helps to improve the mental and psychological health.

Treatment of chronic pain:

Marijuana’s cannabinoids are also used to reduce pain by altering the pain in brain such as migraine, arthritis, and endometriosis. It also helps to reduce the stiffness of muscles in a body.

Reduces the addiction of alcoholism:

A review written in journal “clinical psychology review” gives an evidence that marijuana help people who are suffering with the addiction of alcohol. It reduces their addiction of alcoholism.

Benefits of vaping cannabis:

Whenever we heard about smoking cigarettes, immediately our attention divert towards our lungs. We all know that smoking cigarettes badly ruin our lungs. People think that marijuana can also affects our health. In reality because of therapeutic nature of it, vaping marijuana help people to recover from lots of diseases.

Less harmful then smoking cigarette

Vaping is a process in which a person inhales a liquid vapors through vaporizer. When a person smoke hundreds of chemicals and carcinogens enter in a body that disturbs the respiratory system, Therefore vaporizers are invented and Vaping cannabis does not affect our lungs as vaporizers do not contain harmful tobacco.

Poor use of product can effect one’s health. Therefore it is advised to use good vapes as bad quality vape can melt and produce fumes which is harmful for respiratory system.

Instant reaction in the body

Vaping gives instant relief then taking other medicinal weed. Medicinal weed take a lot of time to react in the body. This is because vapors enter in the bloodstream more quickly than solid medicine.

It is seen from above vaping is beneficial for health. It is important for a person to buy high quality of vapes. You can buy wholesale vape supply from trusted vape stores online at best compared prices in the market.


It is found from above that cannabis have therapeutic effects. National institute of health claimed that people are using marijuana from last 3000 years. As it contains THC and CBD and most of the medical benefits are found in these chemical compounds. Therefore, cannabis is quite helpful to fight against diseases.

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