How does a Dry Herb Vaporizer get Clogged?

The first thing to consider is the fact that dry herb is a solid substance (no matter how finely ground) and vaporizing it is going to take some extreme heat as well as going to leave behind some amount of residue. While this does not remotely compare to the amount of residue left behind in a conventional bowl or pipe, where resin will buildup rather quickly with regular use, a vaporizer will need to be periodically cleaned.

Essentially, the way a vaporizer works is by allowing the flow of extremely hot air to pass around the dry herb in the heating chamber and to either combust (smoke) it or vaporize (convection) the dry herb. In either instance there will be some particulate matter left behind. Each bit left behind will begin to take up space and restrict airflow. Over time, this will cause there to be complete blockages if not dealt with and cleaned properly.



Airflow is Crucial For Optimal Vapor Production 

Because vapor production is intrinsically tied to airflow, the latter is extremely important. For example, if the vaporizer is unable to get a proper amount of hot air into the heating chamber than the herb is not going to combust or vaporize. Another thing to think about is overheating the battery – if the airflow is somewhat blocked than even more heat will be necessary to ensure that the herb is combusting or vaporizing. That means that, essentially, someone can overheat the battery by making it work too hard to try and get it to make up for the lack of airflow. Neither option is really optimal. At best, someone is getting terrible hits. At worst, someone is destroying their vape. The less airflow that is able to create the needed vapor, the less vapor the vaper has to inhale and enjoy. Simply put, make sure to maintain airflow and keep that stuff cleaned out in between uses.

How to Maximize Dry Herb Vapor Production?

First thing to remember is that the more finely ground the dry herb the easier it is to burn cleanly and thoroughly and evenly. It cannot be understated how important that is to maintaining a proper burn for the vape. Once that has been completed, make sure to focus on maintaining as much surface area as possible by packing the finely ground dry herb into the chamber fully. Don’t overpack but make sure that as much herb is exposed as possible to allow the maximum amount of contact with the herb and hot air. Otherwise, clumps will remain unlit and that will lead to airflow problems and bigger messes.

Combustion Vapes vs Convection Vaporizers

A combustion vape is going to produce smoke in the traditional form (albeit potentially less harsh than from a bowl or pipe). This is because the hot air and heating element are used to burn the herb as opposed to vaporize it. A convection vape is going to use the same heating process as a conventional oven in order to circulate hot air into the chamber and cause the herb to vaporize. This will be less harsh than the combustion as well as leave behind less residue (if packed and vaped properly) than a combustion vape or conventional bowl or pipe. Either one works well but a combustion vape is technically not a *true* vape. When looking for a vape at a vape shop, make sure to confirm with the staff if it’s a convection vape or combustion vape.



Desktop Vaporizers vs Portable Vapes

Desktop vaporizers are going to pack a powerful punch, have a large chamber for herb, and will likely incorporate some sort of bag or tube to collect or inhale the smoke in. This is a pretty conventional setup and the individual desktop vaporizers will differ in terms of gadgets and custom options that can personalize the experience to a person’s preferences. A portable vape will be smaller and less powerful but mobile and, perhaps, more useful to someone who needs something on-the-go. Portable vapes naturally offer more discretion than their desktop counterparts but will need charging.

Herb Grinders Are Very Important

An herb grinder’s importance cannot be understated. While there are some ‘pros’ out there that swear by their fingers, better not to risk testing those theories or spend years developing the requisite skills to turn one’s fingers into sharp metal blades. Instead, opt to buy a cheap (or perhaps spend a little more for a nicer one) grinder and save time and misery cleaning out unvaporized clumps of herb from the heating chamber. While combustion vapes are a little more rugged in this regard, convection vapes will certainly benefit as the method of using hot air to vaporize herb requires good airflow that is not capable from clumped pieces of dry herb.



Temperature Control Vapes Helps Optimize Your Vapor Production 

Temperature control vapes offer a great way to ensure that the right temperature is being used. While this might not be of concern to some people, others might find it very useful to be able to control the harshness of their hits. The temperature is, naturally, going to dictate how harsh a hit can be because of heat, etc. These units will certainly cost a little more than the average vape, however, this cost is more than justified when considering how useful it can be to control the temperature to a more amenable level of heat.



How to Increase Airflow in a Dry Herb Vaporizer?

The best way to increase airflow in a dry herb vaporizer is going to be to simply keep the vaporizer clean and ready at all times. That doesn’t mean get OCD about it, but, making sure that there are not built-up levels of residue (like resin in a bowl) will go a long way to keeping airflow optimal. Not to mention, the best method is a preventative one. That means that, beyond preventative maintenance, the best option is going to be to perform packing, smoking, etc. in the manner described above – maintain maximum surface area, pack neatly, grind the herb finely, etc.

What Is The Most Common Vapor Clog Point?

The chokepoint where things often go wrong on a dry herb vape is going to be the mouthpiece and filter screen. The mouthpiece is an obvious choice – it is where the smoke/vapor and moisture combine and can form some pretty nasty combinations. The filter screen, naturally, is meant to keep nasty things from entering the mouthpiece and elsewhere and will collect all the nastiness.

How to Clean a Mouthpiece and Vape Screen?

Keeping a mouthpiece and filter screen clean is done mostly by soaking the pieces or simply replacing them. Try to clean them first so as to maximize use and minimize waste. Afterward, get a nice replacement and enjoy!

Written By: Robert H.

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