How Effective Are CBD Gummies?


There is simply no denying the benefits of CBD any longer and it seems that they debate is now centered on the best delivery system. Is it better to vape or are topical oils, lotions and creams more effective? And then there are the CBD edibles and whether these are the better option.

It seems that it all comes down to concentration and absorption. The higher the concentration, the better the CBD product should be. But edibles pass through the digestive tract and then need to be metabolized by the liver before passing into the bloodstream where it seems up to 80% can be lost providing far less benefit than the other delivery methods. 

But this is not 100% the truth. CBD gummies provide an exceptional solution to this problem. While the gummies are being chewed, much of the CBD is in fact being absorbed by the mucous membranes in the mouth and then through the digestive tract after being swallowed. It can therefore be argued that gummies are a superior delivery system providing two means of absorption. Plus they are a tasty and simple way to get the health benefits of CBD.

This does however mean that it comes back down to concentration and quality in selecting which CBD gummies will deliver the greatest benefits. The recommended dose is a concentration of 20mg but it is important to ensure that the CBD comes from a certified source. It is also important to consider what condition the CBD is being used to treat – pain, anxiety, seizures or other health conditions.

CBD is fragile and when it is exposed to heat, light and other elements, begins to deteriorate. The production method for the gummies is therefore important in order to ensure that CBD has not degraded in the product to the degree that it no longer meets the stated dosage. It can also degrade over time so buying gummies that have been manufactured weeks before delivery is not ideal although many producers do use natural methods to preserve the CBD for as long as possible.

The other option to getting all the benefits or CBD gummies is making them at home. However, this does mean some of the benefits may be lost and that getting the concentration right is trial and error. Also, the gummies will need to be consumed within a couple of days of being made meaning that they cannot be made in great quantities and stored for and extended period of time.

The top 5 CBD gummies according to a variety of different expert sources and taking user review into account include, These are the best flavors of CBD gummies:


  1. Lord Jones Gum Drops

A generous concentration of 20mg of CBD ensures that these gummies deliver all the health benefits while providing a variety of different fruity flavor options.


  1. Sunday Scaries CBD Gummies

A concentration of 10mg of CBD for each of the 20 gummies with the addition of B12 vitamins stored in a dark, glass bottle to prevent deterioration make these a great option.


  1. CBDfx Gummies

A meagre 5mg dose of CBD per gummy makes this the lowest concentration available. However, the white plastic bottle protects the CBD and holds 60 gummies with the addition of Spirulina and Turmeric.


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