How Old Do You Have to Be to Buy CBD?

Despite the popularity, and the spread of CBD usage across the states, and many other countries, there are still many questions being raised. America is confusing in this area because there are the federal level and state level when it comes to laws.

For an outsider, it could seem like a minefield when trying to understand what CBD and THC products are legal, and where. Then there are the purposes for certain products. Some states only allow medical reasons for these compounds, while others are far more relaxed.

Another question being asked, especially for newcomers, is how old do you have to be to purchase CBD products? Does it differ between the states, or is there a countrywide ruling? If the product contains THC does this affect the age requirements, and does it matter where it is purchased?


What are the current legalities surrounding CBD?

Due to the laws varying at federal and state levels, it can be unclear at times as to where you may stand with CBD products. It doesn’t help that the laws have been rapidly changing over recent years, although they have been largely positive moves.

Even stricter states such as Idaho have seen the benefits of allowing CBD to be used for medicinal purposes. For a clearer picture of where CBD and THC are allowed, and for what purpose, you need an up-to-date map of the states.

Fortunately, World Population Review has a 2022 CBD map of where it is legal in the country. This should help make this area somewhat clearer, however, there are other laws about transporting CBD over state lines so these need to be observed also.


How old must you be to buy CBD?

Of course, the big question for any younger person keen on trying CBD to see what benefits they may gain is to know how old they must be to make a purchase.

According to Healthline, the legal age limit for buying CBD is at least 18. This isn’t set in stone though, and you may have to be 21 before you can make your first CBD purchase.

It may also depend on your location in the country and your purchasing method. For example, a medical dispensary may have much stricter controls than a regular retailer.

For some contrast on these requirements, you can look at the UK. There is no legal age requirement at all to buy CBD products there. Any individual can enter a store and buy a CBD cream. There are variations to this though, and some vendors may choose to only sell to 18 and over. Items such as vapes will always be for 18 and over too.


Where can you buy CBD if you are of legal age?

Depending on what you are trying to purchase, you could say there are about four choices of vendors for CBD products.



There are regular retailers who sell CBD creams and oils where it is legal. These will be in states that have the most relaxed CBD laws. You will probably have to show ID proving you are 18 or over to buy here.


Recreational dispensaries

Then there are these types of dispensaries, and they will sell THC products too. You likely need to be 21 to get CBD here.


Medical dispensaries

These will require you to have a medical marijuana card if you are looking for THC. However, this may not be the case if you are purchasing hemp-derived CBD which is federally legal.



CBD is now so widely available you can choose whichever vendor is most convenient. CBD is now available to buy online which makes it extremely easy to purchase without traveling. Very useful if you are seeking CBD for pain relief or something that restricts your movement.


What forms does CBD come in?

Once you have ascertained you are legally ok to buy CBD you may wish to understand a bit more about your options.

You surely already know that CBD comes in oil form which is still highly popular. You may also know it comes in gummies and capsules for those who find the taste unpleasant.

What you may not know is that CBD is available in some very useful products such as for skin care. This makes it simple to incorporate into a standard daily routine. Lotions, balms, creams, and even face masks can contain CBD.

When making a purchase you will want to know to ensure you get top-quality CBD products. Many online stores will carry reviews from their consumers, and this can help you to make choices.

When you know you are happy with your vendor, you can branch out into all manner of unusual CBD products including potato chips, hand sanitizers, toothpicks, and tea.


Is it safe to start taking CBD even if it’s legal?

It is often wise to consult with your medical practitioner before embarking on any lifestyle change. This is especially true if you are going to use CBD to treat an existing condition, and even more so if you are taking prescription drugs.

There are some potential health precautions to know before taking CBD. But, by and large, the side effects of CBD are minimal, and it would appear the majority of people tolerate it with no issues.

There have been cases where CBD has interacted with other medication, so this is where you should take some medical advice first.



There are still plenty of countries that are outlawing CBD even when it contains no THC at all. There is much to be thankful then for the states opening up to medical, and in many cases, recreational CBD use.

There are still laws to be followed though, and understanding the age limit is one of them. Check your state laws for making purchases in brick-and-mortar outlets if this is where you intend to go. Any vendor should advertise clearly what age limit is required, as would internet retailers of CBD too.

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