How Should You Consume Cannabis? Let’s Learn About the Methods

Once you’ve decided to try cannabis, you still have to select a form of ingestion. It used to be that people smoked joints, or perhaps they smoked through a pipe or bong. The mass appeal of cannabis post-legalization has expanded the ways to consume it, and it’s essential to learn which way best suits your lifestyle and health needs.

Please keep reading to delve deeper into the different ways to consume cannabis.


People used to associate cannabis edibles with cookies or candy, but the range of edible products has expanded dramatically in recent years. Today, getting edibles online opens you up to a wide variety of choices, like chocolates and even beverages like tea.

If you’re making your own edibles, it may be difficult to control how much THC is in each unit precisely. For example, you may put a certain number of grams of cannabis into the butter, but each cookie won’t necessarily contain the same milligrams of THC.

Edibles can offer a potent intoxication for medical patients who need a strong effect or experienced recreational users. It can also be consumed discreetly, without producing vape or smoke. However, if you’re consuming cannabis to fall asleep, edibles may not be ideal since they usually take over an hour to feel their effect.


Rolling up cannabis into joints and smoking them is a time-tested method. Some medical patients prefer this form of consumption and undeservedly face negative stigma because alternative forms of consumption like vaping may be healthier.

Smoking joints leads to quick intoxication, and it’s also easy to control the dosage levels. If you have become accustomed to smoking cannabis through joints, that’s OK! Many medical patients and recreational users prefer it.

But if smoking joints was only your default method because you’re unfamiliar with the other options, you should keep an open mind about the alternatives out there.


Inhaling and exhaling an aerosol or vapour made from cannabis oil or dry flower is known as vaping. Ingesting cannabis concentrates, or oil may be extra potent since it contains 40-80% THC, more than four times the 20% found in dry flower.

Vaping cannabis is quick and discreet, as there’s no plant to break up and roll up, and it doesn’t produce any second-hand smoke. While scientists keep learning more about vaping as research continues, initially, it was widely believed that vaping cannabis was a healthier alternative to smoking because it required inhaling fewer carcinogens.

Sources like Medical News Today claim that all forms of consumption have side effects and risks and that more needs to be learned before we can answer definitively one way or the other.

If you are a medical cannabis patient, speak to your doctor or healthcare professional about whether vaping or some other form is right for you. If you’re consuming cannabis recreationally, feel free to explore the various methods of cannabis consumption and find which one is right for you. Keep in mind each form’s various features, and don’t forget about tips to keep each session safe and fun.



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