How the likes of PharmaCann are slowly becoming the starbucks/ mcdonalds / taco bell of cannabis

There’ll be one in every town not far into the future and how are the big brand names getting in there?

Without shouting, it is  easy, by owning a  state company that in turn owns a company or brand.

We presume in a few years time, all over the country, there will be PharmaCann  owned companies / retail brands that will initially run under their state name and then will get a big branding change in the 7-10 year period and evey corner will have a PharmaCann branded outlet… job done.

This is how it starts….

The Telegraph Herald in Illinois reports

GALENA, Ill. — Divina Capellupo says some of the most surprised customers at the Galena shop she manages are visitors from Chicago.

“They’ll come in and say, ‘We shop at your store in the city, and it’s great to see you have one here,’” Capellupo said.

While the shop that Capellupo manages is one of the newest in Galena, it’s also relatively unobtrusive.

It’s not a flashy place, according to City Administrator Mark Moran.

“The business operates relatively discretely,” he said. “There’s no outward marketing or signage that would indicate cannabis sales.”

Capellupo manages the Illinois locations of a cannabis dispensary chain called Verilife, which is operated by a company called PharmaCann.

The Galena dispensary opened on March 6 — 430 days after adult recreational use of cannabis and regulated sales of marijuana were legalized in Illinois.

“I was born and raised in Chicago and I’ve been a tourist in Galena in the past, so I was familiar with Galena’s welcoming attitude,” Capellupo said. “I’m not surprised that everybody in Galena has been so supportive.”


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