Sometimes when we love something more, we can end being getting over of that person or the things and this can happen in cannabis as well. It may happen when you make some mistake while making a dosage or you think you have more tolerance power but sometimes it can exceed your limits. There is no evidence that people can get an overdose of marijuana but surely it can affect you badly when you have consumed it more than needed. So, here we have presented some of the best tricks you can do to get yourself down to the Earth from being too high.


1. Work on Your Breaths

A lot of the symptoms of feeling “too high” are exacerbated by indulging in the dark thoughts, short breaths, and paranoia that consuming too much THC can hand you. Remember, no one in history has ever overdosed from cannabis consumption. So, take some deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth.


2. Get Your Body in a Comfortable Position

If possible, change into some sweatpants and your favorite tee, layout on your bed couch, or carpet, or take a bath or else do whatever that puts you at ease. But if attempting to relax your body doesn’t work, don’t force it. Just know that nothing that is going on is actually harming you, and it is just a temporary discomfort. If you know how to make magic mushroom tea then you can also relax yourself by drinking some good tea. In fact, all of this will be over between 2-3 hours if you inhaled cannabis or 4-6 if you ate it.


3. You can try any of these scientifically-proven natural remedies to get you through

One of the few ways known to moderate a high is through a terpene found in lemons, called limonene. Limonene was the first used as an antidote for cannabis in North Africa, where the perfect anti-high concoction was a lemonade made with fresh-squeezed lemons, water, and some of the peel. Chewing black pepper has similar effects due to its terpenes. According to a review in the British Journal of Pharmacology, black pepper contains the terpene beta-caryophyllene. When combined with weed, they bind to the same receptors in the brain and produce a calming sensation. You should be actively hydrating anyway but rinsing them down with lots of water is a good idea.

While it may seem counterintuitive, CBD can act as an anti-anxiety treatment. By modulating the receptor associated with THC. CBD oils or other products can dampen the effects of a high. Unfortunately, this method may not work for everyone, as genetics plays a role.


4. Engage Yourself in Other Activities

Play a funny movie, listen to some calming music, pet your dog or cat, doodle, dance, or stare at a piece of art or whatever gets you out of your head.

If you are not deathly afraid of human interaction, try taking a walk around the block or go to the store to get your favorite snack.


5. Give Yourself Some Time and Love Yourself

If you are feeling bad, give yourself permission to feel those ways. Indulge in some at-home spa treatments or just do what feels right. Once you have come down, make sure to note your limits for next time and adjust your smoking plan accordingly!