How to grow hydroponic weed?

Whether you address weed as pot, cannabis, marijuana, or loli, the good news is that you can grow Cannabis Sativa at home if you follow the right steps. Have you ever thought of growing weed at home? If yes, what is your greatest challenge? There are some easy ways to grow weed that will provide you with good yields and a good growing period. Hydroponics is the act of growing cannabis without soil. The main substance needed to grow weed with the Hydroponics process is the water-soluble fertilizer. Looking that the process, one may think that it is complex but learning the basics will guild you. This article will not only educate you on how to grow hydroponic weed effectively but will also teach you the steps to follow.

How do hydroponic weed systems work?

Hydroponic weed systems work by sending oxygen and nutrients directly to the plant’s root, thus enhancing the growth of marijuana. This will help you to plant cannabis without stress. The method will encourage bigger buds, which make it a better option. Although one cannot ignore the importance of soil, but the hydroponics will make one forget the importance of soil.

Advantages of a hydroponic weed grow

Below are some of the numerous advantages of a hydroponic weed grow;

  • Bigger yields – since the nutrients supplied during the process is monitored, there is always a good yield. Also, oxygen is essential in growing plants. This is also applicable to weed; with hydroponics, oxygen will be in the right quantity.
  • Better growing time – the growing time is very fast compared to other methods of planting weed. Since the minerals and nutrients needed to speed up growth is supplied accordingly, there will be a faster growing time.
  • Higher supply of oxygen – plants do fight to survive in every way, and they tend to fight for oxygen but with the hydroponics, there is nothing like fighting for oxygen, and every other nutrient since the needed nutrients are readily available.
  • Ability to control over nutrients – this is possible because there is effective monitoring concerning the quantity and quality of nutrients supplied. Monitoring the amount of nutrients supplied will prevent nutrients.

Disadvantages of hydroponics

Below are the disadvantages of hydroponics;

  • It is expensive – hydroponics is not cheap when compared to the soil method of planting weed. This is because it requires artificial fertilizer and constant monitoring before a good yield can be achieved.
  • Difficult to set up – if one does not have the basic knowledge of the process; one may fail since it requires a better understanding of the systems. Thus it is very important to know what is required to have a good yield.
  • Requires maintenance – hydroponics requires regular maintenance that may be stressful and time-consuming. This is the main reason a lot of people never try hydroponics as a method of planting weed. Note, with the right understanding of hydroponics; you will find it very easy to set up the system without going through stress.
  • More from for mistakes – if one does not have adequate knowledge of hydroponics, there may be mistakes that will lead to total failure. To prevent failure, it is very important for one to understand the process of hydroponics before trying it.

Hydroponic weed systems

To know how to grow hydroponic weed effectively, there are few things to consider. They are;

  • Your pocket –e., the amount of money that you could spare for the process. This must be a good point to consider before planting weed using hydroponic weed systems because it will go a long way in achieving a good result.
  • Space – do you have enough space at home? If no, this might be the problem. To get a good yield from the hydroponic weed system, you must be able to provide enough space to enhance good productivity.
  • Time – are you willing to devote your time? If yes, you are one step closer to getting a good result. Hydroponics can only be made possible with adequate attention.

There are two types of hydroponic weed system; thus, it is essential to pick the system that suits you. Below are the types of hydroponic weed system;

Active weed system

This is the hydroponic weed system whereby the nutrients are directed to the plant mechanically. This method involves the use of a mechanical device to move the nutrients needed by the plants. Cannabis grown in an active system with appropriate nutrient schedule and good experience will grow very fast, thus yielding a good result. This method requires more attention and money compared to the Passive systems.

Advantages of active systems

  • It is very fast and can yield a good quantity of buds.
  • It provides the plants with needed nutrients.

Disadvantages of active systems

  • It can be very difficult to maintain
  • A slight mistake may lead to a total loss.

Passive hydroponic weed systems

The passive hydroponic weed system allows the plant to sit above the nutrient reservoir. With this, the plant will absorb nutrients from the reservoir; thus, growth can occur. This method also supplies the plant with enough oxygen.

Advantages of passive hydroponic weed systems

  • It is cheap compared to the active systems
  • It is very easy to set up.
  • It is a good method and fast way to grow weed.

Disadvantages of passive hydroponic weed systems

  • This method consumes excess nutrients.
  • It may require the brain of an expert.

Necessary items needed for hydroponics

There are some important items needed to carry out the hydroponic successfully. In some cases, you may need to improvise to be on the right track. Some of the items needed are;

  • A timer
  • Marijuana clones or seeds
  • Pots
  • pH soil test
  • Compact fluorescent {CFLs)
  • Hydroponic nutrients
  • Potting medium
  • Mylar or white paint

Hydroponics steps

To make the hydroponics a success, there are some steps to take. Some of the steps are;

Setting up – since the light must be absorbed and not the reflection, it is very important to prevent reflection. Reflection can be prevented either by painting the walls with a glossy white or by covering with mylar.

Ventilation and lighting – these are two important factors that must be considered to enhance good yield; thus, it is essential to set up the grow lights. During the process of setting up the light, never forget to leave enough space for future adjustments. Also, the air is one of the required factors that will enhance production; there must be enough space for gas exchange.

Adjusting the temperature – the temperature is another factor that must be put into consideration; make sure that the plants are not heated or burnt. The ideal temperature is between 80 °F and 85 °F.

Planting and germinating – First you will need to find seeds. You can get help over at Weed Seeds USA. Do your homework and learn about the various strands and their growing conditions. Next, you will want to prep the seeds.There are two hydroponic methods that one can use to plant and germinate marijuana (active or passive systems). To carry this out, moisturize large paper towel and wrap the seeds in the paper towel. Place the wrapped paper towel in a suitable environment, cover it with a plate making sure that the paper towel does not heat up or dry. This process should take a minimum time of 24 hours.

Caring – during the growth of the plant, it is important to take good care of marijuana. Watering the plant with nutrient and pH’ed filled water at the right time is important. Repeat this until the plants achieved their correct height and ready for harvest.

Adjust the flowering stage – make your cannabis change to the flowering stage by adjusting to 12 hours of darkness and 12 hours of light for them to start producing buds. This is because cannabis starts flowering when the days start getting shorter. This is an essential step that answers the question,” how to grow hydroponic weed?”

Get rid of the males – to answer the question, how to grow hydroponic weed? It is better to sex your marijuana to get rid of the males. This can be done a week after you must have changed the light. Getting rid of the males will prevent pollination; pollinated weed is not as potent as the unpollinated weed. Also, the process will get rid of the seeds.

Harvesting – harvesting marijuana involves cutting down the entire plant or cutting the buds. It is time to harvest when 50 – 70% of the pistils have changed to brown/amber.


If one can follow the right steps, one will find the right answer to the question, “how to grow hydroponic weed?” Since marijuana is now a legal content in some parts of the world; it is very important to venture into the business, and the use of hydroponics is one of the best methods to get it done.

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