How To Improve E-Liquid Flavors In 60 Minutes

Vaping is more of a science than people might think. It isn’t the simplest thing in the world, and pro vapers know that. Vape pens themselves consist of multiple parts that work in unison to give you that desired hit.

When it comes down to the vaping liquid, the situation is not much different. Vaping liquid consists of various chemicals, all of which serve a different purpose. Below, we’re going to be covering all there is to know about vaping liquid, and it’s many tastes.

Once you’re done with this article, we urge you to continue educating yourself on the chemicals listed in this article.

The Chemical Composition

It’s no surprise that E-Liquid consists of many different ingredients – but more often than not, there are only a couple of various substances in it. The most common ingredients in E-Liquid are:

Vegetable Glycerine

Vegetable Glycerine, often abbreviated to VG, is one of the base materials of E-Liquid. The compound makes up the bulk of the E-Liquid itself and is often mixed with propylene glycol, another base ingredient.

VG is rarely used as a base liquid by itself, as it leaves a lot of gunk residue in the chamber. It is the ideal base of vape trick enthusiasts, as it’s the base liquid that provides the most significant amounts of aerosol vapor.

Propylene Glycol

Propylene Glycol, often abbreviated to PG, is another base martial. It’s far less dense than VG and is the more popular base material of the two. It’s usually mixed with VG to make a unique blend for the E-Liquid.


Nicotine is an addictive chemical that’s added to E-Liquid. It’s also one of the many addictive compounds found in cigarettes. Nicotine doesn’t have to be added to E-Liquid. E-Liquid without nicotine is known as nicotine-free E-Liquid.

Flavoring Agent

Depending on the flavor of your E-Liquid, the flavoring agent will differ. While the chemicals might sound frightening, they’re food-grade taste additives. Below, we’re going to list the most popular flavors, and the chemical responsible for the taste.

There are many more chemicals that make up some of the many flavors of E-Liquid. Lower quality E-Liquid might have other additives, so it’s essential to purchase certified products from trusted sellers.

How Many Flavors Are There?

The absolute number isn’t as easy to estimate as people think. Some estimations predict that there are over 7000 different flavors, while others count over 12000.

The exact number of E-Liquid flavors available for purchase is likely to be larger than any estimates. E-Liquid consists of the four ingredients mentioned above in most cases, and different combinations of them will ultimately provide a different taste such as a minty cool vape

While VG is the less popular base, it always makes the E-Liquid taste slightly sweeter compared to PG.

On the topic of flavor, it’s not only the taste that goes into play. It’s also the sweetness, throat hit, texture, and amount of smoke. Different combinations of different ingredients ultimately provide different tastes – meaning that the possibilities are far higher than any estimate.

Taste also depends on the freshness of the E-Liquid. Keeping your E-Liquid at a dark, cold, and secluded place will ensure that it’s as fresh as possible. An excellent place to keep your E-Liquid is your refrigerator or freezer. Another vital thing to ensure is that your E-Liquid is adequately sealed.

While E-Liquid can’t spoil, it can oxidize. While consuming oxidized E-Liquid won’t be dangerous, it could taste disgusting and make you nauseous or throw up.

DIY E-Liquid For Taste

All of the individual ingredients in E-Liquid are available for purchase by themselves, so some people opt to DIY their E-Liquid. While this might give you some less than desirable flavors, getting a hold of it isn’t that hard.

Experimenting with making your E-Liquid is ultimately going to give you a unique taste that fits your unique palette.

Many different DIY E-Liquid kits equip you with all the crucial ingredients and instructions for making your E-Liquid.

Final Thoughts

There are more tastes, flavors, and types of E-Liquid than you can imagine – and getting a hold of all of them isn’t an easy task. Luckily for you, we’ve provided you with all the necessary information behind E-Liquid and its flavors to call yourself an E-Liquid flavor extraordinaire!

Remember to vape responsibly and in moderation

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