How To Improve Your Cannabis Smoking Sessions With the Best Gear

There are only a few things in this world that can be better than a great cannabis experience. Maybe have a favorite food while smoking?

When it comes to the best cannabis experience, nothing beats the right mood, great atmosphere, fantastic cannabis, and great cannabis gear.

To have memorable moments, you will need the best cannabis gear. Great things come to those who prepare well, and great cannabis experience also comes with the right preparation and right tools. Here is how to do it every time.


A Good Container

Would you eat a 40-days-old sandwich? Probably not. The same philosophy applies to cannabis. Do you want to smoke a good weed or a great weed?

If you’re a passionate smoker, that you would go for the second option. To have an excellent smoking time, you need to store your weed right. Always keep your weed in a glass container to prevent mold and regulate airflow.

Pro tip: Separate your daily stash from your long-term storage. This way, you will keep your long-term storage fresher.

Always choose a jar that comes with a humidity regulating pack.


Choose High-Quality Rolling Papers

Imagine this scene… You just got the top quality weed, and you can’t wait to come home and have some great smoking time.

As soon as you step into your home, you realize that you don’t have rolling papers… There is nothing worse, right? To prevent this, always purchase an extra package of rolling papers and keep them in hands reach. Great rolling papers should provide slow burns and give you more minutes to enjoy your weed.

Rolling papers are inexpensive and easy to purchase. For maximum enjoyment, choose brands like – they will burn slow and won’t leave that heavy burnt paper taste.



Traditional and most straightforward way to smoke weed is through the use of a pipe. Pipes are small, easy to use, and compact. You can take them with you on every trip, place anywhere in your apartment, and if you break them, you can easily replace them and for a good price.

Pipes don’t require any power or water, just break apart your flower, fill the bowl, and light up.

Overall, pipes are great for traveling to discreet use and are practical – and one of the most used – tools for cannabis smokers. Pipes are also very reliable.



Next to pipes, bongs are one of the most used cannabis tools. Bongs are partially filled with water and a downstream that connects the water chambers and holds a bowl. Bongs come in many sizes and shapes.

They are relatively cheap, although more advanced ones tend to be more expensive. They tend to get crusted with resin after longtime use, which is why it’s important to occasionally deep clean your bong, or bongs.


Ash Tray And Rolling Tray

Smoking indoors requires an ashtray. Keeping your home clean should be your number one priority, even when smoking cannabis. Make sure that you have a good and durable ashtray around when you smoke.

Also, have a rolling tray for rolling blunts, joints, and spliffs. This simple practice will make scrolling easier and your space mess-free. Use a rolling tray to avoid spilling your seed all over your couch.


Other Useful Cannabis Gear

For the ultimate smoking experience, you should also have:

  1. Good cleaners and brushes
  2. Eye drops
  3. Vaporizer
  4. A lighter or two
  5. Grinder


Think also about having chocolate edibles and a cookbook for cannabis cooking. You should eat quality food, so why not try to cook something with a bit of herb in it?



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