How to Pass a Mouth Swab Drug Test

If you are starting a new job you may be required to undergo a drugs test. In fact, it has become pretty much a standard routine for employers to screen new employees and, in many cases, to carry out regular screening on current employees.

The most commonly used test is the mouth swab test. This involves taking a sample of saliva from the mouth. This sort of test can, it is said, detect the use of some illegal drugs over a few days prior to the test, but bear in mind that some drugs remain in the system for much longer.

How can you pass the mouth swab drug test? We’ve found some advice and tips on what you should do if you are about to be tested that may help you give a clear result.

1: Don’t Do Drugs!

OK, we’re pitching in with the hard-hitting obvious opener here, but the only 100% guaranteed method of passing a drugs test is not to take drugs. Now, we know that many of you like the occasional smoke, and that’s great, but what we’re saying here is that the tips that follow this one will give you a better chance of passing the test; only this one – don’t do drugs – guarantees you will pass. So, let’s get on with things!

2: Listerine

The popular mouthwash is great for killing bacteria in the mouth – that’s what causes bad breath and other oral problems – and has definite antiseptic properties. Will it help you pass a drug test? Some people have used Listerine before a test and passed – or claim they have – and it is possible that it might help, so give it a try, but don’t rely solely on this.

3: Brushing Your Teeth

Another suggestion that is not a 100% fool-proof method, but it’s one that make sense. Brushing your teeth properly cleanses the teeth, and will remove any bacteria you might have missed with Listerine, for example. The advice here is that if you have been given advance warning of a drugs test, don’t take any more drugs and brush your teeth frequently in the days before – it can only help!

4: Sour Candies

This is an interesting one; there have been studies carried out that state that if your saliva is very acidic, it will be difficult for the swab test to detect the presence of drugs. Sucking on sour candies will change the make up the fluid in your mouth. Some people have used this tactic to successfully pass drugs tests. You can read more about this, and other methods, in The420Times which provides a lot of advice on this and similar subjects.

5: Use Detox Products

If you happen to be a regular user of recreational drugs, you really need to turn to one of the many detox products on the market. These effectively flush your system, leaving you clear of all traces of prior drug use. However, you usually need at least 10 clear days to be certain the process has worked, and depending on the drugs you indulge in, perhaps longer.

That’s a few ideas on how to pass the mouth swab drugs test, and there are more including chewing on mint gum and drinking a lot of water – the latter of which makes a lot of sense – but none are guaranteed to ensure you pass.

The best advice we can give is that if you are given advance notice – and you usually will be – then stop your drug use there and then, follow some of the above tips, and you’ll stand the best chance of providing a clean sample.

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