There’s nothing better than stocking up on your cannabis and always having a fresh stash waiting for you whenever your heart desires. Unfortunately, like all living things on this planet, your bud can’t (and won’t) last forever. But, that doesn’t mean that you can’t hang onto your pre-rolls or that extra-special ounce for a couple months. Thankfully, with proper cannabis storage, you’re able to keep your weed fresh and tasty day after day, week after week. 

Below, we’ve discussed the most important elements on how to keep your weed fresh. Learn how to store cannabis efficiently, and what can make it last longer. All of these tips and tricks are designed specifically to keep your weed looking, tasting, and smelling the ways you know and love.

Understanding Proper Cannabis Storage



In order to learn how to keep your weed fresh, it’s important to understand the proper storage of your cannabis, whether it be straight flowers or potent pre-rolls. In general, you can’t keep your weed just anywhere; various environmental factors can directly influence the composition of your bud. From losing serious potency to growing mold, improper cannabis storage can easily be the downfall of your stash. Understanding how to store weed properly can really extend its shelf life by a lot.

Simply put, it’s more than worth it to invest in proper cannabis storage accessories. Without this careful consideration, the risk of your bud degrading is just too high. 

So, what exactly does it mean to store your cannabis properly, and what are the factors to avoid?

Avoiding Too Much Light, Heat



Some of the biggest, most important components of cannabis storage are lighting and temperature. Exposure to too much lighting or too high temperatures can affect the potency of your weed. Even if you bought a super top-shelf strain at 30% THC, strong light exposure and extreme heat can degrade both terpenes and cannabinoids, effectively lowering the THC percentage in the flower over time. Bummer. 

In general, THC is considered to be a pretty unstable cannabinoid within the plant. This means that when it experiences drastic environmental changes, the cannabinoid will actually start to degrade. Over time, THC can transform into a completely different, non-psychoactive cannabinoid: CBN. While CBN has its own benefits, it does not produce the highs so many of us seek from our flower, changing the effects of your cannabis entirely.

The Effects of Air and Moisture



During storage, finding the right amount of moisture for your products is a delicate balance. You don’t want to leave your weed without any moisture whatsoever, otherwise, the flowers will dry out, crumble, and taste significantly less appealing than when first purchased. This is exactly why companies like King Palm include Boveda humidity packets with their signature palm leaf rolls: it helps ensure that this frustrating drying-out doesn’t happen, and your pre-rolls stay fresh for much, much longer. These humidity packets work by releasing and absorbing moisture, with the standard Boveda 8-gram packets lasting up to a year when stored properly. 

On the flip side, however, too much moisture can also be detrimental to your bud. Exposing your bud to air with excess moisture, typically above 72% humidity, creates the potential for bacteria growth within your bud. This bacteria can even turn to mold, often not appearing until you start grinding your flower or, unfortunately, smoking your pre-roll. Moldy weed is not only disgusting, but it’s bad for your health, as well. This should always be avoided. 


How To Keep Weed Fresh Guide


For those curious how to keep your weed fresh, then, cool and dark places are the answer. If you’ve noticed, a lot of cannabis packaging is quite opaque, often not allowing you to see directly inside. This is specifically to keep any excess light out and allow your bud the cool, dark environment it requires. Along with opaque bottles and containers, spots throughout your home that aren’t exposed to fluctuating temperatures or lighting is going to work best for your bud. Again, this won’t keep your weed good forever, but it can seriously help keep it fresh for longer than you’d expect. (Some claim they can keep their bud preserved for a few years, but I’m not sure you’d wanna smoke that, anyway.)


How To Store Weed The Right Way



Airtight containers are some of the best ways to keep excess air, moisture, and dangerous bacteria from contaminating your cannabis. These types of containers guarantee that your bud stays fresh, potent, and pungent. When you store your cannabis in cooler, dark places, you want to also ensure that these places aren’t exposed to fluctuating moisture levels. 

While some may boast that basements are good for storing weed, it’s often here where most moisture piles up. Instead, try finding a clean, clear cabinet space for your pre-rolls and flowers while keeping them in a high-quality airtight container. King Palm makes various high-quality, affordable humidors that can hold dozens of pre-rolled cones, keeping them preserved and safe for up to a year. Do all of these things and your bud is sure to stay smokeable for longer than you might think.

When it comes to keeping your cannabis, pre-rolls, and all other weed-related products fresh, it really boils down to finding the perfect storage space. Being able to find a place where your cannabis isn’t exposed to too much harsh lighting, change in temperature, or fluctuations with moisture in the air are all key to preserving your favorite green plant. 

As long as you’re diligent and careful about your cannabis storage, there’s a good chance you’ll keep your pre-rolls and weed fresh for weeks, still smelling and tasting like the day you came home from the dispensary.