How to Tell the Difference Between CBD Capsules and Hemp Capsules

CBD capsules are a popular option among cannabidiol users. After all, they offer a super convenient way to take CBD every day. But recently, there has been some confusion surrounding hemp vs. CBD capsules. Both are now pretty big deals in the supplement industry.

This article covers the basics to help you differentiate between the two and figure out which is which.

What Is a CBD Capsule?

By now, most of the public is already aware of CBD and its capabilities. Short for cannabidiol, CBD is one of the most common cannabinoids found in hemp plants. It has numerous potential benefits, including anxiety reduction, sleep improvements, and alleviating pain.  

 Most people associate CBD with tinctures, which are taken under the tongue. However, CBD capsules are an equally popular product. Tinctures have the downside of having an acquired taste, with bitter, earthy flavors. Capsules get around this problem by being completely tasteless.

 CBD capsules offer a fabulously convenient way to take cannabidiol, making it something that’s easy to form a habit with. Lots of users prefer CBD pills over other consumption methods for their no-fuss approach.

Since CBD derives from the hemp plant, there is some confusion about the difference between CBD capsules and hemp capsules.

What Is a Hemp Capsule?

Hemp capsules typically contain no cannabinoids. Instead, they contain hemp seed oil, made by cold pressing the seeds of the hemp plant. Hemp seeds are loaded with nutrients, including omega-3s, omega-6s, and even antibacterial properties.

Most often, people use hemp seed oil like other cooking oils. However, it has a relatively low smoke point and is best reserved for drizzling on salads or making dressings and baked goods. The hemp seeds themselves can be used in a similar fashion.

Like CBD oils, hemp seed oils can have an earthy flavor that not everybody enjoys. If you want the health benefits of hemp seed oil without the taste, capsules are a fantastic option.

What’s the Difference?

The confusion between hemp and CBD pills is understandable. After all, CBD comes from hemp.

The main difference is that hemp capsules contain no cannabinoids, whereas CBD capsules are filled with them.

This can create a whole host of differences in effects. While hemp oil is typically used for nutrition and skincare, CBD is often employed to support the immune system.

Unfortunately, many manufacturers use these terms interchangeably, leading to increased confusion among consumers. Fortunately, there are a few ways to tell the difference.

How to Tell the Difference Between Hemp and CBD


There are a few ways to ensure you’re getting your hands on the right product.

  • Item name: The first port of call is the product’s name. If it says ‘CBD’ in the title, then it’s likely a CBD capsule. Meanwhile, if it says hemp, there’s a chance it won’t contain cannabinoids. However, some manufacturers title their products ‘hemp oil’ for legal reasons, depending on the locality. As a result, this method isn’t set in stone.
  • Product descriptions: If the product is vaguely named ‘hemp oil capsules’ or something to that effect, scour the product description for more information. If it’s a CBD capsule, it should mention CBD or cannabinoids somewhere. More obscurely, the manufacturer may mention ‘hemp extract’ as a way to refer to cannabinoids.
  • Lab reports: If all else fails, consult the lab reports. Any company selling CBD should publish lab analyses of its products, which detail exactly how much of each cannabinoid is within the product.


There are fewer restrictions on hemp capsules than CBD pills, so lab reports aren’t always necessary.

For an example of a product that meets all these criteria, check out the CBD capsules by Premium Jane on page . They have clear titles, coherent product descriptions, and verifiable lab reports.

Final Thoughts

CBD pills are ideal for users who want a no-fuss approach to their supplements. However, they’re only worth spending money on if you actually want CBD. If you’re merely looking for a way to up your healthy fatty acid intake and promote glowing skin, hemp oil capsules can still be a good fit.

To avoid getting scammed, it’s essential to differentiate between CBD and hemp capsules. Always purchase from a reputable seller that makes the ingredients of its products abundantly clear; Premium Jane is a great place to start.


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