How Using Electronic Cigarettes Can Help You Quit Smoking

The process of quitting smoking is not always straightforward and there are a lot of different ways you can tackle this task. Some people swear by nicotine patches, while others opt for chewing gum. But perhaps the most popular alternative to smoking is the e-cigarette. When you inhale vapor rather than smoke, you save your lungs a lot of strain and damage. We will talk about why you should quit smoking and how vaping is a safer alternative. Moreover, we will discuss the benefits of vaping and leave you with some final words of advice for quitting smoking. Let’s look at these points in more detail.

Why You Should Quit Smoking

Whether you are smoking tobacco or cannabis, there are dangers associated with the burning embers being inhaled into your lungs. This can cause serious damage to your throat, lungs and mouth. Smokers are at higher risk of cancer, particularly of the mouth and lungs. Moreover, smoking is linked to heart disease and strokes. Your overall health and well-being can be improved by cutting smoke out of your day-to-day life.

Self-medicating with cannabis products is an increasingly popular method for pain management and reducing anxiety in the US and across Europe. This might be your reason for smoking, or it could just be recreational. Regardless, you will want to know how you can do this more safely.


Vaping: The Safer Alternative

Instead of smoking cigarettes or joints, you should invest in a vaporizer and cut smoke completely out of your daily life. This will significantly reduce your chances of developing cancer or any other serious health problems associated with smoke inhalation. 

If you usually smoke cannabis and are looking for a safer way to get the same effects, the good news is you can buy vaporizers specifically for that purpose. The Mighty vaporizer is designed to create a smooth and flavorful vapor from dry herbs. You can choose your temperature setting on the LED display and enjoy a larger chamber size than many other vapes. Battery-powered vaporizers are practical, easy to use, and efficient.


Other Benefits of Vaporizers

One of the key advantages that vapes have over cigarettes and joints is that you can use them inside. This makes vaping a more social activity. When you are hanging out with friends or family, it can be frustrating when you have to step out to smoke. If you don’t want to leave the conversation or go out into the cold or dark, with a vape, you don’t have to!

Moreover, the smell of a vape is better and more subtle. Your clothes and hair will not smell, and nor will your home or furniture. You can use your vape in mixed company and it will not be obvious what you are smoking. The smell is not offensive in the way that smoke can be to those around you.

Vaporizers are also more affordable than buying cigarettes or rolling papers and tobacco. A vape is a one-off investment and then it is yours for as long as you look after it. This means after the one-off purchase, you can eliminate the tobacco and papers from your monthly spending.

Lastly, they encourage deep breathing and relaxation. If part of the reason you smoke is for the relaxation element, then vaping is a great alternative. When you vape a substance, you need to breathe deep into your lungs and hold your breath for a moment, which has the effect of calming your body and slowing your heart rate. Deep breathing is a great way to center yourself and slow down. 


Different Ways to Quit Smoking

Finally, let’s think about other things you can do to help you quit smoking. We know that quitting is no easy task and can take a while. Moreover, it is a process that sometimes involves setbacks. This is very normal and absolutely okay. Just remember to keep going and try to incorporate things into your life that help you cope with the quitting process.

Some people who quit smoking like to go for long walks to clear their heads, keep busy and relax. Keeping active and giving yourself time to think can be helpful when giving up cigarettes. You might also want to try yoga, as this is an activity that involves a lot of relaxation and meditation. Deep breathing in yoga is a good way to unwind without needing to breathe in dangerous burning embers. 

It is also recommended to keep your hands busy. You are most likely to want a cigarette when your hands are free. This is because part of the appeal of smoking is having something to do with your hands and mouth. You might want to chew gum and keep things next to you at all times that you can play with. A stress ball is a popular choice. Of course, you can also use your vape to satisfy this need.

Last, some people swear by hypnotization as a method for quitting smoking. While this is not an approach that everyone will lean toward, if you are interested in learning more about hypnotization, you should reach out to experts online. Read testimonies and online reviews and think about whether this is an approach you would like to explore. If your mind is open to the therapy, you might find that it is very effective. 

Good luck quitting and remember that vaping is a far safer alternative! 



It is no secret that inhaling smoke is bad for your lungs and overall health. The risks associated with smoking include cancer, cardiovascular disease, and respiratory complications. Using a vaporizer is a safer alternative, as it does not involve breathing in dangerous toxins and burning embers. Vaporizers also smell better than burning tobacco and are more subtle than smoking a joint. They cost a lot less than smoking tobacco and they are good for deep breathing and relaxing. Finally, we have suggested that if you want to quit smoking, you should keep your hands busy and find ways to unwind every day.

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