Business Cann reports.. on what is essentially the unsurprising effect of  (and excuse our French) pissing about in this sector.

People want medical cannabis, people want cannabis full stop.

If you muck about and let a few of your mates build a half arsed sector designed to line a few pockets this is what happens.

You would have thought the UK government might have learnt from the power and size of the cannabis black market in the UK, but no.

Then again, as is evident from 2020, they are fairly clueless about most things.

NEW  UK Government figures show a 900% increase in the number of cannabis medicines notified for import demonstrating the private sector’s growing role in fulfilling UK demand.
Between March 1, and October 1, this year, the number of packs of unlicensed CBPMs (cannabis-based products for medicinal use) notified for import was 37,543, up from 3,741 in the previous 16 months.
Whilst, not all of these will have been actioned – and will be a function of a regulatory change to allow for bulk imports – it tallies with suggestions the number of private UK patients is now up to around 2,500.