Over the past 48 hours, shelter-in-place orders have been adopted in counties across the state, beginning with six Bay Area counties and spreading as far north as Sonoma County by Tuesday night. Last night, Mendocino County also announced plans to implement a [Shelter in Home] ordinance by Wednesday night. [Humboldt County’s Order to Shelter at Home will be in effect at Midnight tonight.]


Humboldt County Growers Alliance (HCGA) has been tracking the impact of these shelter-in-place orders and their impact on the community and cannabis businesses. Despite initial ambiguity, over the past 24 hours, a large number of Bay Area cities and counties – including San Francisco, Alameda County, Santa Cruz County, and Monterey County – have clarified that cannabis businesses will be considered essential and will be allowed to stay open for the time being, so long as social distancing measures are followed to ensure the health of workers and the community. Last night, Sonoma County became the first county to specifically reference cannabis businesses in their shelter-in-place order, designating cannabis businesses as a type of essential healthcare operation.


In anticipation of Humboldt County issuing a shelter-in-place order HCGA submitted the following letter to the County [yesterday].


Cannabis is medicine and cannabis businesses are healthcare businesses. With urban areas choosing to keep cannabis retail open during shelter-in-place orders, we believe Humboldt farmers, manufacturers, testing labs and distributors will be necessary to supply products to the rest of the state. HCGA is working with industry leadership across the state to ensure that the cannabis supply chain remains intact to bring safe and quality products to millions of Californians while implementing the highest standards necessary to protect workers and public health.


In addition HCGA is deploying various programs to ensure that we are bringing you the most updated and verified information as it pertains to our industry. We will also be calling on our members to provide us with as much feedback as possible from your end of things so we can keep an accurate pulse on the situation as it develops.