Yes regulation can be a bit of a pain especially when politicians over regulate and then underfund the departments and bodies whose job it is to regulate the market.

But this is an sector that by its very nature needs a touch of over regulation in its infancy , just, we’d suggest, to cajole the black into the grey economy and then hopefully into a place where it benefits all rather than the few.

Oregon is beginning to send money through taxes back to the community and as far as our reading of American history goes that’s the bedrock for maintaining the idea of American democracy. It’s a rather old fashioned view as we know there are many out there who believe that the entire experiment can work with either funding or central government.

We’re with Thomas Paine ,“When a man pays a tax, he knows that the public necessity requires it, and therefore feels a pride in discharging his duty” (The Crisis (essays 1776)

Here’s what ICBC say

I’m going to respectfully disagree that Oregon has too much cannabis. While I am sympathetic to the plight of farmers, lower prices greatly help low-income patients acquire cannabis, especially since too many have lost their growers after the state has overregulated the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program.

While headline after headline is decrying the bounty of cannabis that Oregon has, the real problem isn’t all of the cannabis produced, the problem is prohibition. Once the United States legalizes cannabis, Oregon, California, Colorado, and other states will be able to export across the nation, and the world. While California’s rollout of licenses has been relatively slow, once the world’s sixth largest economy is fully online, we can expect similar cries that the Golden State has produced too much cannabis. The West Coast pioneering states are in a unique position to lead the effort to make cannabis exports a reality. Congress and Donald Trump need to act soon to end the failed and harmful policy of prohibition before small farmers are completely pushed out of the market.

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Oregon Doesn’t Have Too Much Cannabis, U.S. Has Too Much Prohibition


Also  Marijuana Times have just published the following Op-Ed..

Looks like 2019 is starting off with a debate on economics & taxation suggesting to us that big business is now feeling brave enough to flex its muscles ahead of any discussions in DC about a Federal solution to a regulated market.

Only Economics Can Defeat the Black Market