Idaho THC Test Kit Startup Says It Is Converting Devices Built For Roadside Tests Into COVID-19 Testing Kits

Now, in an effort to help solve the US COVID-19 testing crisis, one Idaho cannabis start-up is converting devices built for roadside THC tests into coronavirus screening tech that works in five minutes. Reports Merry Jane


The report reveals……..By checking for viral proteins instead of antibodies, Facible CEO Steven Burden is confident that the cannabis tech company can use its machines to help with the public health crisis.

“It’s not the traditional test which is what most — 90 percent of the market right now — [is using], and it’s not a stereological test, meaning you don’t need blood for it, so we’re not testing for antibodies. We’re actually testing for the presence of viral proteins, and it’s actually different from anything else on the market right now, in terms of how fast it is and how accurate it is,” Burden told news station KTVB.

The machines still need to pass clinical trials before they can be used to test the American public. But due to the dire crisis that COVID-19 presents, FDA approval timelines have been shortened for test kits, giving Facible a potential fast-track to production.

“We’re launching with COVID-19 because the regulations have dropped; they don’t have that year-long FDA approval process,” Burden said.



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