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Applicants for retail cannabis licenses in Illinois will be awarded in a lottery later this month, after all 17 regions saw only about 20 companies given perfect scores on their applications – meaning they tied for the permits.

Twenty-one qualifying applicants for the 75 new licenses were informed of the lottery after 1,667 applications were graded, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

2020 Top scorer document

The tied applicants will get one entry into the lottery for each application fee paid, with the maximum entries equaling the number of licenses available in that region.


Illinois to hold lottery for retail cannabis licenses later this month



Read also at the Chicago Sun Times where the question of lack of social equity in the licensing process has been highlighted.

75 pot shop licenses to be awarded in lottery that includes just 21 applicants; losing firms ‘shocked’

All the applicants included in the lottery qualify as social equity candidates, meaning they were afforded a leg up in the application process as part of the state’s efforts to build diversity in the overwhelmingly white industry.