Sounds like a free ticket to the producers to us. Considering the past year and the amount of bad behaviour and lack of self policing in the sector we’d suggest that this manna from heaven to the producers who, already under economic stress, will cut every corner possible to survive in order to be in a position to sell out of the market as soon as they can. Who will suffer from this? The consumer. Where will the go for better quality cheap product? The black market. Where are we now? Back where we started.

Canadian cannabis license holders received new guidance from Health Canada on Tuesday, detailing the federal health department’s approach to regulating the marijuana industry during the COVID-19 crisis.

Among other things, Health Canada said it will continue some licensing activity and license inspections at a modified pace, allow temporary security clearances for some staff and extend an upcoming deadline for regulatory reporting.

Here’s the Health Canada Resources Page. As far as we are aware the letter has not been issued as a press release or published on the Health Canda site. We’ve looked everywhere but haven’t as yet located it




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In letter to cannabis producers, Health Canada pledges ‘limited inspections’ amid COVID-19 crisis