A surprise victor in the 2018 election, Kansas Governor Laura Kelly recently discussed her healthcare plans for her second year in office during an interview with 13 News. The cannabis industry should be modestly encouraged by what she had to say.

Governor Kelly acknowledged the ongoing legislative push to pass a medical marijuana bill and, more importantly, pledged to advocate for passage and sign a resulting bill. She believes that marijuana has valuable medical use and has the additional benefit of being a tool to fight the ongoing opioid crisis.

While pledging to advocate for medical marijuana, Governor Kelly was not as vocal with respect to recreational marijuana. In a nod to the political realities within Kansas, she indicated that she would follow the will of the people on that issue, while also noting she did not see Kansans as being currently supportive. Governor Kelly did indicate, however, that if the political realties change and a bill for recreational marijuana reached her desk, she would “probably” sign it.

We will continue to follow Kansas and its legalization efforts, as well as other important cannabis industry developments, and provide updates on our blog.