India: MDMA tablets, LSD stamps and gold seized at Chennai

Chennai Customs seized 250 MDMA tablets, 75 Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (LSD) stamps and 1,387 grams of gold in the city. The officials foiled a bid to illegally import narcotics and psychotropic substances. “It was found that MDMA tablets / LSD stamps were procured from dubious sources in foreign countries though dark web and the same was imported in India through the Foreign Post Office in Chennai,” according to a press release.

One person was arrested in this case and 250 MDMA tablets and 75 numbers of LSD stamps were seized under NDPS Act, 1985.

On February 22, officials seized 572 grams worth ₹28.70 lakh from a passenger who came to the city from Colombo as she had concealed three bundles of gold in paste form covered in adhesive tape.

In one more incident the same day, they held a passenger who arrived at Colombo and seized four plastic pouches of gold in paste form which was hidden in her undergarments. They got 815 grams of gold worth ₹40.90 lakh.


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