India: Police Report That LSD Popularity On The Rise In Mumbai (Bombay)

One wouldn’t imagine that LSD is popular in Mumbai but according to police reports and seizures  the compund’s use is on the rise with those that can afford it

This is what the Free Press Journal says

What is shocking, is that the consumption of drugs like LSD and Mephedrone has drastically increased in Mumbai,” said Sameer Wankhede, Zonal Director of Mumbai Unit of NCB.

And Wankhede’s insight into the increase in drug consumption can be ascertained as he has a led one operation after another to crackdown on drug syndicates in the city ever since he was given charge to probe the death of Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput at his Bandra flat on June 14, 2020. Since then, the NCB office has taken a centre stage of sorts with numerous Bollywood celebrities being questioned in connection with drug usage and many arrests following.

“The youngsters and high-profile people are obtaining drugs using darknet and paying through bitcoin. Also, production of marijuana through hydroponics seems to be a new trend as the drug is potent, and peddlers associate a high price for it,” said Wankhede.

Explaining how dark net is used to procure drugs, a Mumbai police officer, requesting anonymity, said, “The first step to procure drugs like LSD, or curated bud, is by getting a software that is readily available on the web. Once you get the software, it allows you to access darknet and then there are various websites which allow you buy or sell drugs anonymously. Anonymous messenger services are used to buy drugs, and payment is done through bitcoin or by using services of middlemen on some websites. The simplicity to access this is what has given it so much leverage for drug users and syndicates.”

Most peddled drugs in Mumbai this year as per the NCB: Codeine (5484 bottles), Heroin (2.967 kg), Cocaine (28.70 grams), Charas (1.09 kg), Ganja (222.109 kg), Amphetamine (0.223 grams), Mephedrone (11 kg), Ephedrine (6.286 kg), Methamphetamine (1.010 kg), Alprazolam (320 grams), MDMA (12.18 grams), Ecstasy (30 tablets), LSD (10.60 grams), Tramadol (4.420 kg) and Zolpidem (3850 tablets).

Most peddled drugs in Mumbai this year as per Mumbai police: Heroin (267 grams), Charas (40.23 kg), Cocaine (704 grams), Ganja (2902.81 kg) and Mephedrone (47.31 kg).

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